Infostrada and dutchView invest in DYVI

DYVI, an EVS brand, ships its new true IP-based live production switcher system

EVS company, DYVI Live, has been selected by leading Netherlands-based broadcast and production facility companies Dutchview and Infostrada Creative Technology to enable the first true real-time remote production in Europe. Dutchview and Infostrada Creative Technology are specialized in providing integrated media acquisition, post production, broadcast IT and data services to many leading media companies – including Fox Sports – and have a long-standing relationship with EVS. The deal consists of two modular switcher panels and three IP-based servers from DYVI Live, the developer of the world’s first fully IT-based production suite.

Using industry-standard hardware and optimized software, DYVI signals the end of traditional hardware-based production switchers and opens up broadcast production to a more flexible, IT-based world. Scalable Video Systems (SVS) in Weiterstadt, Germany, a company formed by a group of renowned production switcher experts, is the exclusive technology developer for the DYVI product line.

“Infostrada Creative Technologies started the transition to a full IP based broadcast platform in 2006. With the acquisition of a DYVI Live production mixer platform and the recent investment in a new full 100 Gbps enabled core network the company will further expand the capabilities of the highly innovative IP based production platform of Infostrada Creative Technologies and Dutchview.” explained Peter Bruggink, CTO Dutchview and Infostrada Creative Technology.


“Our long-term relationship with EVS, and its reputation for reliability in live sports production, reinforces the trust we have in the DYVI Live solution,” said Nico Roest, COO Dutchview. “Dutchview is impressed by the philosophy of the DYVI concept. The strategy of the complete system is ground-breaking and allows us to engage the next stage of broadcasting. We are convinced the system is on the edge of today’s development in vision mixers, and the transition to IP-based technology has taken a giant leap by DYVI’s approach. We experienced that the system is very intuitive to program, making it easily accessible to the operators; it’s just easy to learn. The rich feature set is expanding every day and absolutely can compete with traditional switchers. The panel is ergonomically designed and is programmable in many ways for customization. Dutchview is eager to use the first release of DYVI in our studios.”


Philippe Van Walle, general manager at DYVI Live, added: “We are delighted to be part of this ground-breaking project. The DYVI IT-based production platform makes it possible for Dutchview to manage large-scale live events with virtual, remotely located teams – all linked to the DYVI network. It gives the production director complete control of all key switcher functionality - from anywhere and at any time - finally making true, collaborative remote live production a reality.”

About DYVI
DYVI Live, an EVS brand, is a Belgium company specializing in game-changing production workflow options for the broadcast industry that are based on its future proof IT-based solutions.  The scalable  DYVI production suite signals the end of the traditional video switcher by giving complete control of all key switcher functionality and processing from anywhere in the world, at any time making true, collaborative and flexible remote production a reality. Scalable Video Systems GmbH (SVS) in Weiterstadt, Germany, a company formed by a group of renowned production switcher experts, is the exclusive technology developer for DYVI Live.