Imagina France Pioneering Grass Valley LDX Series Cameras

French Premier Football League First Up

As the need for more flexible, high quality broadcast systems increases, Imagina France, French subsidiary of Media Pro Group, looked to Grass Valley® to acquire the latest in camera system innovation.

Imagina France has ordered six Grass Valley LDX Series™ software upgradable cameras, which were recently announced at IBC. The cameras have been installed as part of an upgrade to Imagina France’s outside broadcasting (OB) trucks that are dedicated to the French Premier Football league.  The cameras will capture the majority of the football matches covered by Imagina France.

The LDX Series — consisting of the LDX Première™, LDX Elite™, and LDX WorldCam™ cameras — combines business flexibility, operational excellence, and outstanding image performance. The LDX Series is a true high performer in every field, built around the in-house developed Xensium FT imager, which offers an equally high sensitivity in 1080p and 1080i/720p.


“Increasingly, we need a camera system that will cover any kind of live event, in any environment or format — whether it be, HD or 3D, and this is why we selected Grass Valley,” said Louis Zumelzu, Managing Director at Imagina France. “It was also important to have a future-proof system and the LDX Series with its software upgrade capabilities enables us to increase our functionality as our imaging requirements change.”

Imagina France also selected the LDX camera for its innovative features such as its ability to effortlessly capture footage in 1080p under low light conditions, providing the broadcaster with even more options, as well as operational efficiencies.


“The customer response to the LDX Series launch has been extremely positive and today’s announcement is testament to how well the cameras have been received by our customers,” said Francoise Semin, Vice President for Southern Europe, Middle East and North Africa at Grass Valley.