iLive and ME Mixers Used for Large Gospel Event


Two Allen & Heath iLive digital mixing systems and a total of twelve new ME-1 personal mixers were used by PA company, APR, to manage monitors for a large gospel event recently held at London’s Royal Festival Hall.

Called Sing Inspiration!, the two day festival organised by iGospel, an inspirational music project providing vocal and music tutoring, songwriting, audio production and event management training predominantly for children. The 2013 event featured a London-based 500-strong mass choir and various other mass soul and gospel choirs from across the UK, Europe and USA, all backed by the renowned igmusic band, with special guest appearances by Jaz Ellington (star of BBC's The Voice), Israel J Allen, and MOBO award winning gospel star, Rachel Kerr.


Taunton based PA rental company, APR Audio, provided the audio system, selecting  an iLive-144 system handling general monitor duty at side of stage,  such as IEMs and wedge monitors, and 12 ME-1 mixers fed to a second iLive system, giving each musician their own monitor control on stage.

“The ME mixers were launched at NAMM, and APR invested in 12 units as soon as production started so this event was the first time they were used in earnest,” explains system engineer, Rob Ritchie. “ME-1 is a great product - easy to use, excellent sonic quality, and ideal for large and ambitious events like this with so many musician and singers to manage. The band consists of some of the UK’s best session musicians - these guys have played with everyone - so it was great to give them freedom with their own monitor controls.  I can see how ME will be very successful in big HOW in America and Asia. Well done to A&H for getting this product to market!”