ILC Adds Elation Volt Q5™ Rechargeable Uplights to Rental Inventory

Intelligent Lighting Creations Adds Elation Volt Q5™ Rechargeable Uplights to Rental Inventory

ILC’s Steven Burdsal

Chicago-based production company Intelligent Lighting Creations has invested in Elation Professional’s Volt Q5™ uplight, a versatile go-anywhere RGBW LED wash light that runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Scott Falbe, Founder and CEO at Intelligent Lighting Creations (ILC), explains the reasons behind the purchase: “Several of our productions occur in older venues with very few power receptacles and outdoors where there is no power run out to the grass” he says. “This product gives our clients a level of flexibility that was not possible in the past. In addition, the costs are reduced since personnel do not need to be hired to run cables from other locations to the fixtures. They can roll the powered cases to a convenient receptacle for recharging.”

An all-weather IP65 housing and built-in battery that lasts up to 12 hours between charges allows the Volt Q5 to be placed wherever dynamic uplighting is needed, indoors or out. The unit houses five 15W RGBW LEDs for full color mixing capability and is impressively bright. Snap-on diffusion filters can be used to soften and spread the light and color temperature can be variably adjusted from 2,700K - 7,200K. A self-charging road case that holds six Volt Q5 units makes recharging multiple units easy.


Another version of the fixture, the Volt Q3™ with three LEDs, is also available but ILC chose the Volt Q5 because their clients prefer the higher output the Q5 provides and will dim them down if necessary, says Falbe. “Stocking fewer fixture types makes organization and accounting more streamlined and efficient,” he adds. 

With no power cords required and equipped with a wireless DMX receiver that frees them from the constraints of DMX cables, the Volt Q5 and Q3 provide a fast, easy, and effective decorative lighting solution.  “The primary feature for us is that it is completely wireless,” Falbe says of the compact 11-inch tall fixture. “Beyond that we needed an IP65 rated fixture that is durable and from a reputable manufacturer that will be in business for a long time. It is important that we can receive parts for repair in a timely fashion and Elation does not require that we send fixtures abroad for warranty issues and, therefore, are returned relatively quickly. Also, charging the fixtures is simple and convenient and the battery lasts an appropriate amount of time for a rehearsal and performance.”


ILC have already had their Volt Q5 uplights out on over 40 productions since acquiring them, including exterior projects to light buildings or scenic elements where power or data is not available. “We have also sent them to older theatres with sporadic and inconsistent power flow,” Falbe states. “We have found them to be reliable and meet a specific need for our clients that no other fixture can fulfill.”

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