IHSE USA Partners With DNF Controls for New KVM Programmable Control Panel

New USP3 Control Panel From DNF Controls Simplifies Macro Command Control for IHSE KVM Matrix Systems

IHSE USA LLC today announced a partnership with DNF Controls to develop the world's first programmable push-button panel exclusively designed for IHSE KVM matrix switching. The new USP3 is a 16-button remote-control panel that can be used to quickly recall IHSE KVM presets. It is designed specifically to operate via IHSE's API network interface for the Draco tera compact and Draco tera enterprise matrix switch products. The product interface module will be available only through IHSE USA and IHSE GmbH.

Ideal as a cost-effective user interface for any IHSE matrix system, the USP3 is perfect for everyday use in typical classroom, meeting room, training facilities, or command and control environments. Programmable buttons can be configured for any function, such as view source, view workstation, define mode, and select switch port macros. Customers no longer have to memorize keyboard sequence commands in situations where there are many source and destination feeds to manage.

Even though the USP3 is a basic bus-style control panel, it is smart enough to allow multiple video previews to follow the primary KVM CPU display. No other matrix control panel is as easy to install, with setup consisting of simply connecting the network interface and opening the Web-based configuration program. For training rooms, users just select the CPU source and then assign a video-only preview to all other buttons. Furthermore, users can customize the buttons to fit any work environment.


The USP3 can be configured to control one IHSE matrix at a specified IP address. The home screen shows the currently viewed destination (console) number, the destination name, the source feeding the destination, and the current mode. From there users can choose up to 15 predefined "Take" options or choose the "Destination Select" option to view another destination. Additionally, users can manually select "Source" or "Mode" keys.

Housed in a 1-RU chassis, the USP3 offers up to 16 GPI and 16 GPO connections, a 100BaseT network connection, and a serial port for legacy control options. The panel supports redundant power and includes an internal Web-page control menu for configuration and setup.


"We have been working with DNF for several years now promoting their off-the-shelf control panels with our KVM U-Switch series, and we're delighted to partner with them on the development of the first-of-its-kind KVM control panel," said Dan Holland, marketing manager for IHSE USA. "We see the USP3 as the starting point for many other KVM control options developed between the two companies."

"IHSE needed a specialized control panel to support multicommand selections for customers who were looking for easy ways to quickly select sources without using specialized keyboard commands," said Dan Fogel, chief technology officer of DNF Controls. "We started with our GTP-32 as the base and worked with IHSE to create a unique KVM control panel with the introduction of the USP3."

At the 2016 NAB Show, IHSE USA will demonstrate the DNF USP3 at booth SL13916. DNF Controls is located at booth N1715.


About DNF Controls
DNF Controls has been an innovator in the design and implementation of device control interfaces since 1990. The California-based company offers a wide range of human-to-machine and machine-to-machine solutions designed to meet the real-world device-management needs of studio and remote broadcast, teleproduction, and similar facilities.

IHSE USA is a leading provider of KVM (keyboard, video & mouse) products supporting long distance signal extenders and switching for DVI, HDMI, VGA, SDI, USB, audio, and RS-232 serial data. For 30 years, IHSE has been developing new and innovative ways of supporting next generation products for KVM and signal extenders. IHSE technology is deployed worldwide by public and private organizations such as broadcasting, postproduction, government and military, medical, financial, and oil and petroleum industries. The company offers a complete line of DVI and HDMI video extenders over Cat-X or fiber optic cables for "mission critical" video and data access.