Ideal Group launches “Ideal-Live”, a new rental service for live news and sport

Ideal Live Sony Dejero

Ideal Group today announced the launch of Ideal-Live, a new equipment rental service for professional mobile video gathering. The service will be initially offered through Ideal’s offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia and will be rolled out across the rest of Asia Pacific in early 2016.

The new Ideal-Live service offers ready-to-go in-country solutions to news agencies and live sports production companies for a variety of live video gathering scenarios such as breaking news stories, high-profile sports events, and online streaming.

Ideal is partnering with Canadian manufacturer, Dejero, for the Ideal-Live service using Dejero’s new LIVE+ EnGo bonded cellular transmitters with preinstalled cellular data SIM cards from multiple local mobile operators for immediate live broadcasting. Each EnGo is fitted with 6 SIM cards from multiple mobile network operators to ensure transmission resilience. The 3G and 4G/ LTE networks can be bonded with Ethernet or Wi-Fi for optimization with a local wireless network infrastructure. The EnGo’s one-button start-up and automatic video input and format detection makes for quick deployment in the field while the patented Intelligent Connection Management (ICM) technology and proprietary Adaptive Bitrate Encoding provides enhanced signal resiliency and superior picture quality for the broadcaster. The EnGo transmitters have internal storage of up to 40 hours of HD recording, giving flexibility for storage of live video feeds for later use. Additional battery options will also be provided locally, making it easier for mobile camera crews to stay out in the field for longer and to travel with fewer restrictions imposed by airport authorities on the check-in of heavy battery equipment.


“Ideal-Live is a natural progression from our group's system integration business. It will add a new offering to customers Ideal is already servicing in the Asia Pacific region.” said Guillaume Mauffrey, Chief Operating Officer of Ideal Group.

Ideal’s new rental service includes the use of Dejero’s “LIVE+ Control” cloud management tool. Using LIVE+ Control enables the broadcaster to geolocate and remotely control transmitters, configure broadcast and cloud servers, view performance data, preview low-latency feeds, and route live or recorded content to playout and online delivery workflows. 


Ideal will also be offering LIVE+ Broadcast Servers from Dejero as part of its rental offering. The broadcast server is used at the broadcaster’s production facility where it receives the video transmissions from EnGo transmitters on the field and provides the video signal to the on air broadcast system.

Fintan Mc Kiernan, CEO of Ideal Systems S.E.A. said, “We have completed a lot of testing of Ideal-Live over the last few months and already have a number of customers successfully using our Dejero equipment for mission critical live sports broadcasting events. To provision Ideal-Live in South East Asia necessitates getting reliable post-paid data SIMs from three mobile operators in each country; add to this the equipment transmitter rental, cloud management service and broadcast server, a production company would need a commercial billing relationship with upwards of twenty companies to provide the same level of service that it can get from Ideal.”