IBC’s Conference Examines the Burning Issues


The IBC Conference is at the heart of the industry. Over the course of its six days more than 300 high-profile speakers in more than 60 hard-hitting and high-level sessions will discuss in detail the current state of the industry and help draw the roadmap for its development. Co-ordinated and produced by some of the leading figures in the industry, the thought-leaders shaping its future are drawn to the Conference Programme of visionary keynotes, discussions, debates and masterclasses that are carefully adjusted each year to reflect the changes in the industry.

IBC2013 is no exception. Carefully curated into four distinct streams - Content Creation and Innovation, Advances in Technology, The Business of Broadcasting and Media, and the innovative free-to-attend Industry Insights sessions - seven key themes are threaded through the conference and will help drive this year's agenda.

From Broadcast to Multicast: Collision, Casualties and Challenges’ looks at the global impact of convergence on the industry and the challenges for all involved as it adapts to the connected world, while ‘Converging Industries: Telcos Flirting with Broadcasters’ examines the significant strategic shift as the increasing number of telcos entering the broadcast market becomes disruptive.


The New Language of Digital Spaces’ will look at how they are changing the established order, and will cover everything from multiplatform commissioning, through technological innovation in creating content across platforms and advertising on new devices, to the economics of multiplatform. ‘Creating a More Engaging Entertainment Experience’ will investigate craft skills and the latest theory behind the audience experience, and ‘Production – Innovation in Techniques’ will see the latest production technologies and techniques investigated and assessed.

Understanding the Power of Big Data’ will examine the ability to analyse massive volumes of data about customer behaviour, preferences and application performance and ask how good a match it is for the broadcast and media industry. Finally, ‘Running Your Business: Technologies, Systems, Standards and Skills’ encompasses a series of sessions designed to give you valuable insight into the latest advances in industry collaboration and standards from a variety of perspectives, including business and content production. Find out more about the IBC Conference, view the programme and book your pass at www.ibc.org/conference


One of IBC’s most unique features sees it able to project content onto its own cinema screen in the state of the art 1,700-seat Auditorium the centre of the RAI. Designed to IBC’s specifications and boasting facilities for 4K and stereoscopic 3D digital projection, with audio presented in Dolby 7.1 surround sound, the IBC Big Screen plays host to numerous presentations and conference sessions, as well as exclusive movie screenings.

It is the perfect place to see and hear the latest technical advances, as both manufacturers and conference sessions push it to its limits, as well as to celebrating the IBC Awards and unwinding in the comfort of complimentary movie screening and the IBC Big Screen experience.


The exact details of the IBC2013 Big Screen programme are still under wraps, but it will undoubtedly reflect the wider technological trends within the industry, where higher framerates, the increasing impact of laser projection, the importance of ‘the look’ in 4K, ongoing debates about stereo 3D revenues and more are all having an impact on a global scale. Plus, of course, there are the free screenings of the very latest content to consider. Exactly what they will be this year, IBC’s 50,000 attendees will just have to wait and see.
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