IAIS Media Engineering offers Greenroom

IAIS  Media Engineering offers Greenroom

The studio is located in Sankt Augustin/Schloss Birlinghoven (close to the motorway/Cologne Bonn Airport). The studio room has a 110 m2 green room (with coves) with ample ceiling height. There is an onsite canteen, which can serve or deliver to visitors. The studio can not only be used as a green box, but also as a virtual or real studio (see the pictures below). Sufficient light is available, with recallable lighting settings. The studio and the control room are air-conditioned to create a pleasant working environment.

A special feature of the studio is the "presenter tracking" which should be unique in the Cologne area. Presenter tracking means that the system always knows the exact position of the presenter in the green room. This can be used for various effects, e.g. an animated character that always stands next to the presenter and accompanies them when the presenter is moving - this could be a "weather frog", another animated character or perhaps a rain cloud hovering over the presenter.

Fraunhofer offers Greenroom


The possibilities are endless. Best of all, we have specialists who can fulfil all wishes, even if programming or system adaptation is required. The scientists of Fraunhofer have independently developed our virtual studio and tracking system, so we can implement novel functionality - if there is a need for it. Fraunhofer is a major player in the research and development of the television of tomorrow. Therefore, we have the ability to find solutions to previously unsolved challenges for our customers.

Fraunhofer-Institut Intelligente Analyse- und Informationssysteme IAIS Schloss Birlinghoven


The studio can be used as a photo/television studio furnished with our equipment or your own. In addition, we provide equipment for recording HD and 4K videos. This includes a SuperPanther III for dolly rides. Another unique feature is our incorporated speaker's cabin with a view of the action. A guest internet connection that synchronously offers 100 Mbit/s (wireless and wired) is available for customers. This is more than sufficient for live streaming and exchanging large volumes of data. A make-up room and production office are also provided. The site is guarded 24/7, so safety is ensured at all times.



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