IABM Conference Scheduled for December 2-3 in Windsor Park, U.K.

Speakers and Panelists

With the theme "Strategies for Growth – Responding to the New Paradigm," the annual conference of the IABM (International Association of Broadcasting Manufacturers) will take place Dec. 2-3 at the Savill Court Hotel in Windsor Great Park, U.K.


"I try to attend the IABM conference every year. It is a truly unique and valuable opportunity to meet with our business partners and discuss common issues," said Larry Kaplan, executive chairman, Omneon.

The conference agenda on Thursday, Dec. 2, will be headlined by keynote speaker Shirlene Chandrapal, director of business development for Yahoo Connected TV, and will feature a full afternoon of speakers, panel discussions, and interviews with topics ranging from "The Personalization of Television" to "Internet and the Three-Screen World Killed the Broadcast Star." On Friday, Dec. 3, the conference will open at 9:00 a.m. with two keynote sessions: "Managing Human Assets," presented by David MacLeod, co-author of the MacLeod Report; and "Technology Trends and How They Will Affect Your Business," presented by Hans Hoffman, program manager, Professional Media Production Technologies, EBU. A highlight of Friday's program will be two workshops that allow attendees to participate in smaller-group debates on important industry trends.


"In its sixth year, the IABM conference has become a must-attend gathering for broadcasting professionals from many different countries. Last year's conference saw more than 140 delegates from all areas of the industry come together to discuss and debate current issues that are shaping this sector as well as the broader economy," said Peter White, IABM director general. "We encourage anyone with an interest in the broadcast and media technology industries to attend this first-class event."

The conference is chaired by John Ive, IABM's Director of Business Development and Technology.

Day 1 - Thursday December 2nd, 14:00 - 18:00

Keynote session: “The personalisation of television”
Speaker: Shirlene Chandrapal - Director of Business Development, Yahoo Connected TV
Television is changing, with the viewer in control of content. It’s no longer exclusively an impersonal "one to many" broadcast industry. Viewers are individuals and increasingly expect personalisation on their TV, computer or mobile.

Panel session: “Internet and the three screen world killed the broadcast star”
Chair: John Ive
Panel: Sarah Carroll - Futuresource; Shirlene Chandrapal - Yahoo Connected TV; William Cooper – informtiv; Daniel Toole – Agon Consulting
What are the implications for suppliers? Do we accept that we are facing a new world, or is it business as usual? Finally it’s the consumer that pays but will they continue to fund traditional broadcasting? With Internet connected entertainment, broadcasting as we know it is seriously challenged. The panel debate the issues raised by the keynote and much more!

Keynote: “Sizing the business”
Speaker: Tom Morrod – Senior Analyst, Screen Digest
More than ever we need to know the metrics of our business. We also need to understand the requirements and directions of the customers. This session looks at the business as it stands today and the areas for growth in the next few years.

Industry performance: “Growth returns to the media industry”
Speaker: Peter White – Director General, IABM
The IABM monitors several key business indexes reflecting the quantitative and qualitative state of the industry. There are signs of improvement mixed with challenges as growth returns to the supplier community.

Interview: “The voice of the customer”
Chair: Adrian Scott
Guest: Ferry Kesselar - NOS
How well do we really understand our customers? What better way than to discuss with them directly about their aspirations and expectations of the supplier community.


Day 2 - Friday December 3rd, 09:00 - 14:00

Keynote session: "Managing human assets"
Speaker: David MacLeod - Co-Author of the MacLeod Report
This session explores the most important asset a company has, its employees. Relationships, aspirations and confidence may have all suffered through the financial crisis, so do you have a team in good shape to take advantage of the recovery? How can you best invest in your people? How do you discover the hidden talent to take you forward to improved business performance?

Keynote session: "Technology trends and how they will affect your business"
Speaker: Hans Hoffmann – Programme Manager - Professional Media Production Technologies, EBU
If you think we have arrived then you are mistaken! The journey has only just begun. There are new technologies around the corner that once again will revolutionise the programme production and distribution business. This session will be a crystal ball gazing look in to the future.

Panel “Production & distribution workflows – what's next?”
Chair: John Ive
Panel: Lesley Marr – ITFC; Stan Moote – Harris; Clyde Smith – Turner; Dominic Stone - IBM
The transition to file based workflows is well underway, for many it’s a done deal – or is it? Perhaps now is the time to think about what’s next. Is it 3D or still 2D but processed in the cloud? Is it higher resolution or something completely different? For sure the next big thing will be challenging but what is it?

Workshop 1 - "Product Management and Marketing"
Chair: Russell Grute - Broadcast Innovation
Panel: David Bush - Sony; Howard Twine – SGL
How are products and services best launched, promoted and managed through their lifetime? Times have changed from the engineering days of promoting features and benefits? Fast forward to: cost of ownership, efficiency and return on investment. And, where do we find the talent to manage this all important source of income?

Workshop 2 - "Successful projects: on time, on budget, happy customers"
Chair: John Ive
Panel: Ferry Kesselar - NOS; David MacGregor - TSL; Clyde Smith – Turner
Despite detailed preparation, major media technology projects are typically beset by problems. Suppliers and end users start with great expectations but many projects fail to deliver on the promise, go over budget or run painfully late. This session brings system integrators and end uses together to form a “blueprint” for success.

Keynote session: "The new paradigm"
Speaker: Mike Silverman - Symbox Ltd
Broadcasting has changed forever - get over it!

The 2010 IABM Conference is sponsored by IBC, TVBEurope, Bridge Technologies, Bubble & Squeak, Caspian:one, Effectivus, and Whiteoaks. For the complete program with detailed information about conference speakers and sessions, as well as online registration, visit

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