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i-movix's SprintCam UltraMotion solutions can now be used with an expanded range of HD Broadcast lenses

SprintCam V3 HD

Since their launching on the sports broadcasting market, the fully integrated ultra slow motion systems developed by I-MOVIX have been certified fully compatible with most of the HD broadcast lenses manufactured by FUJINON, the historical R&D partner of I-MOVIX.

SprintCam Live V2.1 and SprintCam V3 HD

I-MOVIX today announced that both SprintCam Live V2.1 and SprintCam V3 HD ultra slow motion solutions can also be used with the CANON DIGISUPER86Ⅱxs XJ86x9.3B IEⅡ-D for sports and other live events broadcasting. After a series of laboratory and field tests conducted recently, I-MOVIX can now guarantee the compatibility of its SprintCam systems with the CANON DIGISUPER86Ⅱxs XJ86x9.3B IEⅡ-D, providing full HDTV image quality.

Ultra SloMo system for broadcast

SprintCam V3 HD is an HD native fully integrated ultra slow-motion system for broadcast, offering unmatched frame rates and high definition native resolution image quality. The system allows the user to capture from 250 to 2,000 frames per second and to replay them without delay ! Thus 10 to 80 times slower than usual speed, with HD native resolution image quality! This new technology has applications in live sports and other live TV productions, but also in the production of commercials, documentaries, and movies.