i-movix @ NAB 2012

i-movix will exhibit at booth # C4644

"The official launch of the industry's first continuously streaming extreme slow motion system at NAB is an exciting milestone for us. X10 has already been chosen by leading facilities providers and it will undoubtedly contribute to the development of a new vision of sport. Visit us at the Belgian Trade Commission's booth to see the X10 system in action!" Laurent Renard, I-MOVIX CEO

At the 2012 NAB Show, I-MOVIX will show the brand-new X10 system, the industry's first live ultra-motion solution to deliver real-time, continuous extreme slow motion in full HD at a groundbreaking 300 fps (or 600 fps in 720p).

Developed in partnership with EVS, the X10 system is used with an EVS XT3 production server under Multicam LSM control. It smashes the performance ceiling of existing continuous super-slow motion systems, which are restricted to three times slower than real time, or 75 fps.

As the industry's first live ultra-motion solution, the X10 system is designed for continuous slow motion at frame rates far in excess of existing systems. The X10 provides a consistent and familiar user interface and controls that any broadcast crew can use immediately without any special training.


Capable of up to 18 hoursof continuous ultra motion on the EVS XT3 live production server, the X10system is a fully broadcast-integrated solution and includes the latesthigh-speed lightweight portable HD camera, a camera control unit, and anoperational control panel. The X10 is used with the industry-standard EVS XT3production server and LSM remote control.The camera connects to the cameracontrol unit (CCU) via a SMPTE hybrid fiber cable, enabling long-distanceoptical fiber transmission and control through a single connection.

In keeping with the I-MOVIXphilosophy of making extreme slow motion systems that are ready to use by anybroadcast production team, the X10 is supplied as a turnkey solution that requireslittle or no training, with all the principle controls and workflow beingfamiliar to experienced crews. The system is readily integrated with mobiletrucks, fully compatible with the typical mobile setup, and capable of use in3D production.

I-MOVIX will show the benefits of the new SprintCam® Vvs HD 1.2 software release.This updated version of the SprintCam Vvs HD technology features refined and enhanced functionality inspired by feedback from the global community of SprintCam users.

New operational enhancements for all four components of the SprintCam Vvs HD system (camera, CCU, OCP, and slow-motion remote) allow operators to use all the capabilities of the ultra-motion technology in a simpler and more efficient way, and to provide ultra-slow motion images of extraordinary quality.


The SprintCam Vvs HD 1.2 software release boasts major improvements in terms of efficiency of operations, image quality, and ease of use.