Hoellstern® Amplifiers Launches Three New Amplifiers

The 2-channel amplifier is load-stable down to 2 ohms and delivers 2 x 3,400 watts

The DELTA6.2-DSP dual-channel amplifier and the two DELTA20.4 and DELTA20.4-DSP quad-channel amplifiers.

The 4-channel amplifiers with 4 inputs feature three practice-oriented operating modes for 4 ohms, 2.7 ohms and 2 ohms. In all three modes the amplifiers produce very high output powers. As with all Hoellstern® amplifiers, the new models have an efficiency of up to 93%.


In addition there’s a new Hoellstern® Touring Patch Panel available. For taps if offers, among others, 4-pin SpeakON, 8-pin SpeakON plus an 8-pin CA-COM socket. Thus the Touring Patch Panel is an implicit supplement to the comprehensive Hoellstern K2 loudspeaker library with manufacturers from A to Z.