Hitachi, PALS, Teradium, Eutelsat and BMS Showcase New Era in SNG Contribution Systems Live at IBC

PALS demonstrates World’s First Dual Ka-Sat IP/TV HD NEWSNG System

At IBC, a group of companies including Hitachi Kokusai Electric, PALS, Teradium, Eutelsat and BMS will provide a graphic demonstration of a new approach to super fast, high quality news gathering (SNG) VSAT operations developed for scenarios such as disaster relief, emergency service and border control communications.

The companies will demonstrate the power of this SNG contribution system live at IBC. Utilising DriveNews PKM-120Ka, the market’s first Dual Ka-Sat (IP/TV) NEWSNG antenna system, which has been developed by PALS and Teradium, HD cameras from Hitachi and Eutelsat’s tooway IP/TV satellite service, a live HD SNG contribution system will be created in and around the RAI’s exhibition halls throughout IBC.

Newly developed by PALS and Teradium, the Drive-Away antenna systems can be mounted on standard vehicle roof rails. This lightweight auto-pointing antenna system is available in two versions: 77cm and 120cm aperture size. The antenna systems allow a one-button-push connection to EUTELSAT KA-Sat within minutes and a dedicated connection speed of up to 20Mbps upload and 40Mbps download to the Internet.


Live HD video captured in the IBC’s outdoor exhibition zone using Hitachi’s SK HD-1000 broadcast camera will be sent to the NEWSNG antenna vehicle via Hitachi and BMS’ COFDM wireless signal routing system. Inside the vehicle, the HD video material is encoded and sent back to base via a dedicated satellite uplink using Eutelsat’s tooway service.

Inside the main exhibition halls, on the Hitachi stand (11.E30) and the PALS stand (4.A51), the live video transmission will be screened via terrestrial Internet inbound. Furthermore, visitors stood around the NEWSNG antenna vehicle in the outside broadcast zone outside the halls will be able to use a free WiFi cloud to connect their handheld devices to the internet.

“In a range of scenarios from disaster relief to emergency communications the need for a fast, reliable and high quality link back to base is essential and this is what we shall demonstrate at IBC,” reported Paddy Roache, Director and General Manager of Hitachi Kokusai Electric Europe. “Using this combination of products from some of the market’s leading technology suppliers, an SNG team can get on location and start broadcasting stunning HD images within the shortest time period imaginable. It’s not just a question of short set-up time, but also of the superb image quality that this system provides. ”