Hitachi Kokusai To Intro New Full-Body HD Production Camera

The company will spotlight the latest in its range of state-of-the-art HDTV studio/field production cameras at NAB.

At NAB 2013, Hitachi Kokusai Electric America will introduce the SK-HD2200 full body HD production camera – a new top-of-the line studio and OB camera that features new 2/3-inch, 1080/60p, progressively scanned, (Ultra-Advanced) UAIT-CCDs, 1,100TVL resolution and 3Gbps HD-SDI signal handling from end-to-end. The company will also introduce the Z-HD6000 CMOS studio camera, which includes new 2/3-inch CMOS camera processor. NAB2013 runs from April 6-11 in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Hitachi Kokusai Electric America will exhibit in booth C4309.

Other products on display will include: the new SK-HD1500 slow-motion HDTV camera; the HV-HD33 – a compact, 3-MOS sensor, multi-standard, P.O.V. HD camera; the KP-HD20A HD camera; the SK-HD1200 native 1080/60p studio and EFP camera; the SK-HD1000 dockable studio and field camera; Z-HD5000 HDTV studio and field camera; DK-H100; and the DK-Z50 multi-purpose HDTV camera.

The new SK-HD2200 is complemented by the portable, hand-held version model SK-HD1200. Outstanding images are acquired by three (R,G,B) 2.3 million pixel UAIT (Ultra-Advanced) 1080-line progressive-scan CCDs. Hitachi’s implementation of the most advanced digital processing technology available assure low-noise, high dynamic range pictures. The HD signal generated by the new sensors, processed by 38-bit Hitachi DSP’s, transported via our digital fiber optic system and output as SMPTE-424M SDI are 3Gbps throughout. The utmost attention to picture fidelity has been painstakingly implemented in this new camera series assuring the best return-on-investment qualities of any HDTV production camera system on the market.


With 2.6 million pixel 2/3-inch, 1920×1080 raster MOS RGB sensors, the new Z-HD6000 satisfies the highest production standards. It’s compatible with and retains all the popular functions and features of the existing Hitachi’s HDTV camera line, such as: fiber or digital triax cable operation, external auto-setup, advanced color correction, skin tone detail, prompter power, and two intercom and IFB channels. There are new functions including: ‘no vertical smear’, F12 standard sensitivity with over 60dB of video headroom, and an ARCF auto-registration correction function.

Slow Motion and 3Gbps Offerings
Introduced to the American market at NAB 2012, Hitachi’s SK-HD1500 slow motion camera provides shooters looking to up the ante with their field production packages an exciting alternative. The SK-HD1500 captures video at 1X, 2.5X and 3X the speed of standard frame rate cameras therefore any camera position or vantage point in an OB venue can capture slow motion and normal video. It offers three 2.3Mpixel 2/3-inch progressively scanned IT-CCDs, and has state-of-the-art, digital-to-analog 16-bit RGB converters, capable of 6Gbps transmission over SMPTE standard optical fiber. The SK-HD1500 is designed to be compatible with most slo-motion servers capable of 3X SMPTE292M 1.5Gbit/second HD-SKI links. It can record at speeds of 150 and 180 frames-per-second, with HD/SD video at 1080i, 720p and 480i all at 59.94 or 50Hz field rate. Its sensitivity is F9 at 2000 lux with a signal-to-noise ratio of -58dB. And, it has 1100 TVL of standard resolution. The control panels, viewfinders, studio build-up kits and accessories all can be employed from existing Hitachi SK-1000 series cameras.


The SK-HD1200 is a 3Gbps, native 1080/60p HDTV studio/field color portable camera that was also first introduced at the 2012 NAB convention.  This top-of-the-line HDTV camera captures outstanding 1,100 TVL resolution images by virtue of its three 2/3-inch RGB 2.3 million pixel UAIT (Ultra-Advanced) 1080-line progressive CCDs.  This multi-format camera’s advanced 38-bit digital signal processing results in low-noise, high dynamic range pictures with an HD-SDI output applicable to any broadcast or postproduction standard.

Besides transparent signal transmission and camera power via SMPTE-311M hybrid optical fiber cable, this dockable 2-piece camera system is flexible in its configuration and control. The Hitachi CU-1200 camera control unit (CCU) can be addressed and controlled via the TCP/IP camera control network, and an optical routing system can connect multiple camera heads to any number of CCUs.


Cost-Effective HD Production
The Hitachi Z-HD5000, an affordable studio/field HDTV camera system, has become very popular due to its appealing price performance.  This broadcast-quality HDTV camera features 800 TV-lines of resolution, F10 standard sensitivity, and low noise 2/3-inch IT-CCDs.  The lightweight, 2-piece dockable camera body can be configured with adapters for either digital optical fiber cable transmission or a Hitachi-patented fully digital triax system.

Hitachi will also show HDTV Point-of-View box cameras that are well suited for a variety of HD production and outdoor remote observation applications.  This series includes the DK-H100 and the DK-Z50 1080/60i multi-standard HDTV cameras.


The DK-H100 and DK-Z50 will be shown in conjunction with the Eagle PT-E350 pan-tilt head, which supports pan/tilt/zoom of cameras up to 50 pounds.  The PT-E350 has a pan range of 355 degrees and tilt range of 180 degrees, memorizes up to 64 preset combinations of position and lens settings, and can be remote controlled.  Designed for outdoor use in inclement weather, the Eagle PTE-350 satisfies a wide range of HDTV applications, including remote traffic monitoring, remote newsgathering for broadcast television, HD production, and entertainment venues.

The HV-HD33 is a three MOS color camera – with three 1/3” format 1.3 megapixel MOS imagers. It produces images with 1280 x 720 effective pixels and has HD-SDI and component outputs. It’s selectable between 1080/59.94i, 1080/50i, 720/59.94p, 720/50p, 480/59.94i or 576/50i outputs.