Higher Education Sector Embraces coolux Pandoras Box

As technology develops and changes, so does the way in which higher education institutes train the professionals of the future.

Modern media servers and their software equivalents have only been a part of the wider AV industry for roughly ten years, but the software and hardware solutions surrounding topics such as realtime rendering, projection mapping, network synchronisation and multiscreen displays have already changed the way in which many kinds of productions are being conceived and produced.

Hamburg’s University for Applied Sciences (HAW) is the latest institution to integrate coolux Pandoras Box Servers and special coolux EDU software licenses into their acclaimed course programmes and multidisciplinary research labs. Students from a variety of courses have the opportunity to pool their creativity in order to develop unique interactive experiences, find new ways to create innovative urban landscapes and combine cutting edge research with the joy of scientific discovery.

The HAW’s students even get to play a major part in the „Living Place“, a laboratory for applied research in different areas of ambient intelligence, as well as an opportunity for research collaboration between the university and companies.

„We want all of our students to be able to have access to the latest technology, both as a creative testing ground, but also for actually applying it as part of installations that will shape the visual future of our university. This is why we decided to have both EDU licenses and actual servers on site“, explains Kai Rosseburg, a senior researcher at the HAW.

On one end of the creative spectrum, computer science students in Hamburg work directly with the coolux SDK for their cutting edge project research, whilst at the Danish National School of Performing Arts, students from five different countries  get the opportunity to work together on projects revolving around theatrical applications and projections as part of a European exchange programme.


During a two week intensive course in Denmark, the students will learn about the relation between video and spatial awareness and the fact that video projections are not always dealing with flat objects and surfaces, but can also be used in a true 3-dimensional sense.

As of this moment, more than two dozen Universities and Colleges worldwide use coolux Pandoras Box systems.

In the US alone almost a dozen higher education institutes like the Yale School of Drama, the North Carolina State University, the Salem State University and  the University of Iowa give their students access to the multi award winning Pandoras Box product family.

Whether it is American Universities, the media academy in Berlin, the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen or the Nanyang Polytechnic School of Engineering in Singapore, a growing number of higher education professionals is becoming increasingly aware of the great creative versatility that coolux offers to students worldwide.


„It is a well known fact that today’s students are tomorrow’s professionals, which is why we want them to have access to our complete Pandoras Box feature set as part of our EDU licenses. Nothing is more frustrating than to have a great idea only to find that it’s not possible to express it through technological means. It is our job and passion to make sure that all these highly talented students can have the tools to turn their creative visions into a beautiful reality.“ - Jan Huewel, coolux GmbH CEO