High End Systems Pumps Up the Action at Istanbul Sinan Erdem Arena

DL.3s, SHOWGUN 2.5s, Full Boar Chosen for High Quality Features

Istanbul Sinan Erdem Arena has installed products from High End Systems, a Barco company, to add fanfare to its basketball games. Prior to showtime, 4 SHOWGUN 2.5s and 4 DL.3 Digital Lights pump up the crowds in the opening ceremonies. A Road Hog Full Boar is in control.

Istanbul’s Ultima Audio Visual Communication Services has a production company, Ultimaturk, which installed the High End Systems package last February. The Ultimaturk lighting department designed the show.

Sebahattin Aydin, general manager for Ultima Audio Visual Communication Services, says they chose High End Systems products for its high-quality features. “The DL.3 is a special product in the entertainment market. If you have a good lighting designer using it, you don't worry about anything.”


The DL.3 - a combination digital lighting fixture with a built in media server - projects team logos, players faces and other specialized content to get the crowds cheering.

The SHOWGUN 2.5s do what they do best: add excitement. When they blast their large exiting beams into the performance area and into the crowds, with their ring of LEDs - matching or contrasting around the lens - the crowds go wild.


“SHOWGUN is the perfect machine in the market,” Aydin says. “It’s an awesome fixture.”

The Road Hog Full Boar was selected especially because it is a full featured High End Systems console, adaptable to any size or configuration of show situations. “It is a user friendly console,” Aydin says, mentioning that it can control any number of fixtures and accommodate any operator. Noting that High End Systems offers worldwide training and support are more factors for its specification. “The support department works well,” he adds. High End Systems equipment is already specified for the Turkish Airlines Euroleague Final Four matches next May, Aydin notes.