High End Audio Sets at United Postproduction


United aims to deliver the highest possible quality for every customer, in every situation. That’s why an AMS Neve high-end hybrid mixer has been selected for our three Pyramix audio postproduction sets: the Neve Genesys Black. This audio mixer and controller has its origins in music production and brings analogue audio editing options back to the studio.

A step backwards? Not at all: the United specialists are so passionate about their profession that they simply feel digital audio isn’t quite good enough. Where picture is concerned, everything related to television now takes place in the digital domain. However, for audio editing analogue remains a popular choice and in our opinion the difference with digital audio is clearly audible. High quality analog editing adds an extra dimension to sound, making it just a little more saturated and warmer. We also chose this audio mixer so that anyone interested can be offered the opportunity to work on it.

For those content with their existing level of production, the Neve Genesys Black hybrid mixer won’t change anything. However, those with an above-average interest in sound can now access the next level. The analog option can be used at the discretion of our customers and technicians. Of course, we have the best AD/DA conversion available in house, so quality is uncompromised.


For further information about our Neve audio sets, please contact Guido van de Walle via [email protected].

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Thanks to our combined experience, passion for the job and flexible deployment we have become a first-choice partner. We innovate together with our clients to continue to maintain our qualitative edge. Our leading projects focus on UHD, Augmented Reality and Remote Broadcast, amongst other things. United is part of the Euro Media Group