HICON XLR Panel Socket with new Locking System

The HICON panel-mount connectors are available in 3- and 5-pole versions

10.000 just won’t do...
so we have optimised the spring construction of the new HICON panel-mount sockets to make 50,000 mating cycles or more become reality.

The previous guide and spring design was completely re-engineered to achieve more mating cycles and a greater mating reliability. The spring made of hardened steel has a special shape with no hard edge, but with high reset forces to make plugging and unplugging with plug-compatible XLR systems easier and to instantly unlock connectors of all manufacturers at the touch of o button.

The new locking device was tested on special automatons by SOMMER-TECHNIK and was able to withstand more than 75,000 mating cycles. By the way, this torture had no noteworthy impact on contact resistance, insertion loss and reflux damping or on the contact coating.


The HICON panel-mount connectors are available in silver (with nickel-plated contacts) and black (also with hard gold-plated contacts) in 3- and 5-pole versions. SOMMER CABLE offers a 5-year warranty on every HICON connector.