HICON HD-SDI Connectors


German-based manufacturer HICON launches a new series of 75-ohm HD-SDI-/3G-SDI-BNC connectors for professional broadcast applications. These ultra-grade connectors have lowest tolerances and a shell made of brass and beryllium bronze to enable the transmission of 2.970 Gbit/s rates and formats up to 2K.

Both the pin and the screen contact are 4 μm hard gold plated and have an anti-corrosion finish. The contact pin has a female thread to prevent the cable conductor from slipping out after crimping. The entire plug-in construction is springsuspended and self-centering to ensure a perfect fit and the best possible contact.

The practical HD-SDI panel-mount crimp sockets allow the (virtually) loss-free direct connection. Both cable chassis-mount connectors as well as coloured sleeve supports are available.


Frequency range: 0 – 7.5 GHz

The connector is delivered for the following cable types:
0.6/.8, 0.8/3.7, 1.2/5.0 and 1.6/7.3. Custom-made versions are available on request.