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Hego at IBC 2010

Hego can be find at booth 6:C19 or at The Beach… the choice is up to you!

The Hego Beachvolley Challenge 2010
Come and join us at the beach to watch IBC’s first professional level beachvolley tournament. International professional players from Sweden and the Netherlands will be competing for the prestigious titles of “King of the Beach” and “Queen of the Beach”. The event will take place daily between11am and 4pm on Friday 10th until Sunday 12th.

Hego OB1 System

As well as witnessing some impressive sand action down at the beach, you will also have the chance to see how Hego is changing the way that live events can be produced, with its revolutionary OB1 production system. The system will be used to film the entire 3-day beachvolley challenge, with the output displayed on the 5 metre LED screen as well as live-streamed directly to the Hego booth.
The Hego OB1 system is a patented and highly innovative multi-camera production solution, which is totally unique in the market. It is designed specifically to enable sports content captured and aired quickly, economically and to a high production standard that just hasn’t been possible until now for low budget events. Its innovative panoramic video capture never misses any of the action and offers brand new possibilities for both live and post production. It requires minimal manpower on productions and can create professional grade output which is highly suited for streaming and monetising over the web and IPTV platforms. This is why it is gaining a lot of interest and attentions from numerous sports clubs and federations, who see the commercial possibilities it can bring them.

AKI GS2 Multi-Touch

This is the most prominent display on our booth this year, which will be very hard for visitors to miss. Hego has teamed up with its global partner and the world’s leading touch-technology provider, U-Touch, to show the full capabilities of our new AKI GS2 Multi-Touch product on the world’s largest integrated multi-touch touchscreen The screen itself is also being launched at the show and uses U-Touch’s industry-leading touch technology built directly into a Panasonic 103” plasma screen and capable of detecting up to 32 simultaneous touches. Hego will be demonstrating how its AKI GS2 graphics engine has been adapted to bring many new creative possibilities to this developing application area of live studio touchscreens. This very latest extension to Hego’s highly acclaimed graphics engine empowers TV presenters to take full control of all live content from a studio based screen, removing the “back-room control” feeling that many live productions have.


Hego AKI Virtual Football & Tracab integration

The Hego AKI Virtual Football system is already recognised as an industry-leading solution for the graphical enhancement of live football productions. It can display live virtual graphics such as team logos, scores or sponsors adverts on or beside a pitch and also enables advanced enhancements such as virtual off-side lines and distance to goal measurement devices. It has always been a powerful solution in its own right using advanced image analysis techniques for tying keyed graphics to pitch from a live camera feed. However, now with its integration to the world’s leading vision-based tracking system from Tracab, it takes the solution to a whole new level.
Tracab provides the Hego system with real-time positional data for all moving objects on a football pitch within an accuracy of a few centimetres. As the official tracking system for FIFA and by many of the national football leagues around the world, Tracab offers the most proven and accurate system available. The integration with AKI Virtual Football now allows the positional data from Tracab to be integrated with the live video broadcast and corresponding graphics to be pinned to specific players. This opens up huge possibilities to broadcasters where player descriptions, as well as real-time speeds, distance and other statistic can be displayed against corresponding players in live TV. This is a world-first that promises to offer many new possibilities to enhancing football productions.

Hego AKI Paint

Hego will be displaying the latest enhancements to its popular HD telestration system AKI Paint. The Hego AKI Paint system is a highly appreciated and widely implemented studio telestrator designed specifically for use by presenters and sports pundits for many different sports.
Designed as a self-sufficient solution but with the ability to integrate to other studio systems such as EVS, the AKI Paint telestrator comes packed with out-of-the-box functionality for annotating sports footage for post game analysis. Unique features such as its built-in chroma-keyer and disk player make it a powerful yet easy to use tool that sports presenters are comfortable with operating on live TV.


About the Hego Group

The Hego Group provides the broadcast and sports industries with the full end-to-end capability to create and enhance live production content. With over four decades of production experience behind us and with over 2,000 live productions managed every year, the company intimately understands the demands of live TV.The combination of our powerful portfolio of industry leading production tools, data integration skills, custom solution development capabilities and our extensive live production experience, makes the Hego Group a unique and dependable partner to work with.

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