Heavy Duty Camplex Fiber Optic Camera Cables Designed for Harsh Environments

Heavy Duty Camplex Fiber Optic Camera Cables Designed for Harsh Environments

Camplex, a leading US manufacturer of fiber optic cable solutions and accessories, is introducing two heavy-duty fiber optic cables to the broadcast industry; a SMPTE tactical hybrid camera cable that is crush and impact resistant and a 24-fiber opticalCON MTP cable that shortens installation time. Both cables are designed for use in harsh environments and high traffic areas.

Camplex HF-FCFFCM-T tactical hybrid fiber optic camera cables meet SMPTE 304M and 311M standards and feature Canare HFO cable terminated with Canare FCFA to FCMA connectors with detachable alignment sleeves and insulators. The lightweight and flexible cables are designed with an abrasion-resistant polyurethane jacket with a minimal bend radius of 9.2mm and are ideal for temporary installation of critical communications where quick retrieval and recurrent use is necessary. All assemblies are multi-stage machine polished and tested for <.55db RL.

The Camplex opticalCON MTP CMX-OCMTPS24 singlemode and the CMX-OCMTPM24 multimode field cables are built with 24-fiber Neutrik opticalCON MTP connectors to simply connections and reduce installation time by running multiple fibers in one cable. This rugged Camplex cable saves space for field deployable AV broadcast applications and data transmission and are machine polished and interferometer tested to industry standards.


About Camplex
Camplex, a division of Tower Products Incorporated, is a leading broadcast industry manufacturer of fiber solutions and fiber termination services for the Broadcast, Pro-Audio and Pro-AV markets. We build custom opticalCON, tactical, SMPTE, plenum, and hybrid fiber cables in a COCA certified and LEMO and Canare trained fiber facility. Camplex fiber optic products deliver the signal quality that broadcasters demand.