HDwireless Sony „1609“ Sidepanel System


HDwireless has developed a new „all-in-one“ HDwireless side panel for the Sony Broadcast Series HDC 2400/2500 cameras. The HD-transmission and telemetric control are housed in just one unit. Through a data association board operators are able to operate and fine tune all functions with an original Sony RCP (750/1500) regardless of the camera software.

Up to four cameras can be controlled via a RF connection depending on the configuration of the basic camera telemetric. The facismile transmission in one receiver can operate up to 4 antenna inputs, optionally multiple receivers can be used with ASI-package-diversity. Antennas for video and radio data transmission work via SMPTE glas fibre over distances of several kilometers. The weight of the camera including optic, battery and wireless housing is under 10 kgs! The adaptation of a glas fibre camera to a HDwireless „1609“ side panel takes ony a few minutes.

·    Low weight, „ready to shoot“ under 10 kg
·    Up to 38 mBit/s HD video data rate
·    8/10/20 MHz bandwidth optional
·    Video frequency range: 2/3 and 7 GHz possible
·    Video RF output power: 200mW
·    LMS-T and DVB-T modulation
·    4-fold Video-RF diversity
·    ASI-Package optional
·    Date frequency range: 450-470 MHz
·    Digital data transmitter output power: 50/100/500/1000 mW
·    Full telemetric control
·    Manufacturer RCP support, RCP 750/1500
·    Red and green tally GPI/GPO
·    Up to 4 RCPs via one radio frequency Optional external antenna linakge video/data per SMPTE fibre.