HDwireless Expands Operations in Baden-Baden


From July 2013 Hdwireless will move into larger facilities in Baden-Baden. From a central basis for operations in Switzerland, France and SouthWest Germany customers can seize upon more direct and local support. The need for shorter traveling distances, more flexible planning and more direct contact in close vicinity proves that HDwireless are willing to approach customers where needed and generally offer a carefree cooperative partnership.

Nibelungen Festspiele Worms, Born to Die
For the premiere of the event HDwireless once again demonstrated the flexibility and reliability of its systems and innvovations, while operating on a playing area of 40.000 m².

4 wirelss cameras, 2 x UltraLiteCam Steadicams and 2 x “1609” Sony HDC 2500 side panel solutions, were responsible for over 5 hours of live footage. Beginning with the reporting from the red carpet, moving on to the guest and VIP sections, through to backstage and the TV compound, the shows directors had trouble free access to all areas via our camera units. The linkage of the required interfaces at the broadcasting vans was achieved via a realtime fibreglass solution for data, red light, communication and HD-SDI signals. HDwireless supplied onsite ASI-networks, HF-matrixes and cellular data communication enabling the telemetric control of the cameras from the broadcasting vehicles.

Next to the image transmission up to 16 audio channels were provided. All communication amongst the production team was also planned and monitored by HDwireless.

Sony Sidepanel System for the HXC 100/300 series: HDwireless “Junior”
At the turn of the year we were able to make significant progress with regards to integrated solutions thanks to the development of our own “1609” series side panel for the Sony 2400/2500 cam. A further milestone in the development of wireless camera technologies is now on offer via our Sony side panel solution for the HXC 100/300 series; the HDwireless “Junior”.

We offer the same main options as itss big brother HDC. Full data control via the original Sony RCP 750/150 and picture transmission with up to 40mBit with a latency of just 60 ms. The overall weight of the HXc 100/300 embedded wireless solution for a “ready to shoot” camera is just 9,2 kg! The anntenna positions can be dropped via copper or fibreglas, the RCP control offers and extreme feed of over 1000m via copper (fibreglass solutions also available).

From Hip-Hop to Hard-Rock, HDwireless accompanies Festivals in the SouthWest
Next to the South-Side-Festival HDwireless also provided wireless camera technologies at the Frauenfeld open-air festival in Switzerland. With both events, covering 2 stages each, live broadcasting was carried out with our solutions. A number of HDwireless “1609” Sony side panel units, wireless feedback systems, fibreglas realtime networks and HF-matrixes supplied our customers with trouble-free signals in high quality. These major events were planned and implemented on-site by our own technicians.

New employee, HDwireless welcomes Thomas Körffer
From May 1st, 2013 the HDwireless team has gained one further specialist. Thomas Körffer attends to productions on-site, takes care of graphic solutions, structures and planning in the background and also manages our central maintenance department. Thomas brings with him many years of experience in communication technologies and studio broadcasting industries.