UHD signals up to 300 m...

Current HD picture signals are demanding and require a high data rate. Transmission distances beyond 10 m are therefore often fraught with problems! With the new HDMI®-over-FIBER system from German manufacturer CARDINAL-DVM signals with a maximum resolution of 4K x 2K – including RS232 and infrared data – can be transmitted hassle-free over distances of up to 300 m via an OM3 multimode line.

The robust and compact housing (known from the DVM-120 active series) is available in two versions:
- as stand-alone housing with the dimensions of 68 x 36 x 145 mm
- as installation housing to fit into the modular SYSBOXX frame or the 19“ SYSPANEL 5XL panel for audio distributions

The connectors for the power supply, HDMI® and IR/RS232 have been designed as robust HICON all-metal versions and are thus perfectly suitable for the tough use “on the road”. For the reliable connection of the FO cable we offer a version with the proven HICON-FIBER4 fibre-optical connector and a second version with a NEUTRIK OpticalCON DUO socket.


- max. transmission distances of 300 m via multimode fibres
- supports HDMI® 1.4 A
- full support of HDCP and Edid
- DVI support up to 1920 x1200 px
- supports max. resolutions of 4K x 2K (4096 x 2160 px)
- compact and cost-efficient
- flexible to use
- transmission of IR &RS232 control data

“Our customers have often requested robust and road-proof active systems for the transmission of video and audio signals. And to us it was also obvious to bring in the proven HI-FIBER4 fibre-optical connector“, explains Peter Rieck, Key Account & Distribution Manager at Sommer cable, aus. “With the CARDINAL DVM HDF kit we now comply with those wishes while also integrating 4K and IR/RS232 into the transmission in one go.“


SOMMER CABLE is a leading manufacturer of professional cable and connection technology with a focus on the audio, video, broadcast, studio and media technology sectors. Since 1999 the Baden-Wurttemberg based company from Straubenhardt-Conweiler has developed, produced and distributed high-quality connection solutions.