HD2line Pro´s Big Move


sonoVTS has acquired the HD2line Pro range of world leading video monitors from Penta Studiotechnik. The HD2Line Pro picture monitors incorporate the one of the most advanced signal display technologies in the world and have gained a reputation amongst many of most discerning global broadcast engineering authorities for the accuracy of their colour and picture reproduction.

Based in Munich, Germany, sonoVTS will apply its considerable expertise and experience  to its investment and will continue the development of the HD2Line Pro range, specifically addressing the increasingly more diverse signal formats for 2K and 4K high definition video signals and beyond.

Karlheinz Dern is well known to many for his role in managing the development of the HD2Line Pro range to date, helping it to establish the envious position that it has achieved today in the world broadcast video monitor market.

He has accepted the position of head of business development for the product range now under the ownership of sonoVTS.
Karlheinz assures customers of his full support and invites you to contact him with any concerns, questions or queries, by telephone on

+ 49 172 973 1405 or
email [email protected]


4K Down Converter - Future proof your Monitoring
While it will be quite expensive to convert your existing systems into 4K, now is the time to get ahead of the game and future-proof your project. Even if you don’t have immediate intentions to work in 4K, shooting at 4K or higher will give you a noticeably superior image that carries through any current delivery standards.

HD2line Pro is spotlighting its role in the 4K transition with technology that is already optimized to enable 4K production. HD2line Pro´s signal conversion technologies, being developed for the HD2line Pro Series of High Performance Broadcast Displays, take 4K content and down convert it to standard HD so that all standard HD2line Pro Displays
can be used for monitoring 4K images.

With this option, you can connect Quad Link 4K SDI Signals to your HD2line Pro Displays using the internal 4K to HD Converter. The integrated converter lets you build 4K monitoring with ease, while still working with all your regular SD and HD Signals.

PDP4K-DC provides the most cost effective 4K signal monitoring solution available today. It can be fitted into all previous delivered HD2line Pro High Performance Broadcast LCD Monitors.


Optional Items – Add on`s
sonoVTS is pleased to announce additional features, functions and options:      
The quad split function is ready for delivery for all types of the HD2line Pro range. The optional module offers four 3G HD SDI inputs and two additional SFP slots.

With the optional HD2line SFP modules, additional signal formats e.g. fiber optic can be used as inputs to the Quad Split. With this feature sonoVTS has a USP in the market. A data sheet with more information on the quad split option is available for download.

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