HD SAT Communication Upgrades Transmission Technology to ADTEC Digital


Germany-based HD SAT Communication GmbH upgraded their 7 SNG trucks to meet growing customer demand for MPEG4 capability with the installation of Adtec Digital’s contribution platform comprised of 12 EN-91 ultra-low delay encoders and 14 RD-60 multi-CODEC IRDs. Two EN-81 multi-CODEC low delay MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 high definition encoders were also added to their systems.

Georg Koehler, operations manager for HD Sat Communications explains, “We tested several encoder and decoder suppliers from the industry and Adtec showed to be the best.”

A lead provider of satellite transmission services for the German Premium Football League, Mr. Koehler is pleased with the stability of the units since installation. “They have been fault-free since the beginning,” he says. “We provided 56 consecutive days of SNG service for The German Cup, plus the London Olympics and additional ad hock services so far. I believe our success with these new encoders will help us to secure more work now, and into the future”


The EN-91 supports high definition and standard definition MPEG 4 AVC/H.264 video with 4:2:0 and 4:2:2 Chroma sampling, boasting up to eight pairs of audio, We pass, TimeCode, Captions, Teletext, AFD and more as standard features.  Paired with the RD-60 receiver, the EN-91 delivers end-to-end HD-SDI with only 100ms delay.  Both the EN-91 and RD-60 are fully interoperable with leading third-party receivers and encoders. “We’re not only the fastest pair in the industry, we make the other’s faster too,” comments Mike Armstrong, Adtec Digital key account manager - UK - EU North.

12 EN-91 ultra-low delay encoders and 14 RD-60 multi-CODEC IRDs for HD SAT Communications


Hansgeorg Lichte, responsible for the DACH and Benelux region at Adtec Europe B.V., is very pleased about the close partnership with HD Satcom. “Since the very first meeting we knew that the premium services that HD Satcom provides and the premium technology and support that Adtec provides will be beneficial for both sides. With Adtec’s’ higher modulation schemes, 1-frame-ultra-low-latency and its 16 channels of phase aligned audio, Adtec is enabling HD Satcom to continue providing their industry leading services to their customers.”

Armstrong worked diligently with HD Sat Communications since the first introduction and the relationship continues to grow. “Adtec's goal is to find partners not customers. This group is without question an Adtec partner. We listen to their feedback and help out anyway we can to make their success translate into our success.” To that extent, Mr. Koehler explains how Adtec has helped along the way; “I’ve been impressed with the WEB GUI and how clear and easy it is to use. We experimented with 3D using the EN-81 units and have been pleased with the excellent and prompt support by Adtec Germany, Netherlands and the U.S.”


About Adtec Digital
Established in 1985, Adtec Digital is a global market leader providing hardware and software solutions for contribution, distribution, studio, commercial insertion and professional video playback applications. Adtec develops equipment and solutions for standard and high definition MPEG 2 and MPEG 4 AVC compression, multiplexing, decoding, ad insertion, playback and data management. Adtec products proudly serve the global broadcast and professional audio-visual markets. Adtec Digital is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, with product and development solutions in Jacksonville.