Harris Broadcast @ NAB 2013


At NAB2013 Harris Broadcast is showcasing an array of uniquely scalable, easy-to-operate solutions that support today’s multiformat, multichannel, multiplatform broadcast environments – and enable any media provider to add revenue-generating services quickly and cost effectively. Following are just some of the innovations Harris Broadcast will feature …

Platinum IP3 Integrated Router
The Platinum™ IP3 router is the broadcast industry’s first router to accommodate separate video, audio and data paths within the same frame, becoming the first broadcast router to offer a true path to network convergence.  It is also the first signal router that can scale to multi-frame configurations for very large broadcast and media operations — 2048x2048 and beyond — using a common architecture, simplifying installations and eliminating costs associated with external components and complex cabling.  

The intelligent architecture maximizes on-air security, with a pioneering approach to audio, video and multiviewer signal protection based on redundant crosspoints and integrated routing designs.  The design eliminates the need to take stations off the air while scaling into multiple frame systems – another industry first.  The Platinum IP3 also accommodates multiviewers, frame synchronizers and more within the frame for customized, space- and energy-saving integrated routing solutions.

NEXIO Volt Server
The next-generation, software-based NEXIO Volt server addresses customer needs for higher channel counts in a compact form factor, while increasing options for robust media storage.  The 1RU unit leverages doubles the number of available record ports with four bi-directional HD channels (up to eight SD), and offers exceptional overall channel density for ingest and playout operations.   Automatic generation of low-resolution content for editing and production eliminates the need to create it later.

Expanded media storage options include an integrated storage model, plus direct connections to Harris Broadcast NEXIO Farad systems for shared storage configurations via Gigabit Ethernet or optional fiber channel interfaces.  Redundant connections for both options maximize system resiliency and availability, while giving all channels instant access to all available content.  Furthermore, software-based codecs and software license keying provide flexibility, including custom features and capabilities to suit users’ exacting needs.


Versio Integrated Playout Solution
The Versio™ integrated playout solution combines baseband video, channel branding and automated workflow capabilities in an easy-to-deploy, software-based, 1RU channel-in-a-box solution.  Versio significantly reduces the cost and time to launch broadcast, cable and other TV channels and services while offering simple integration with production, traffic and billing, scheduling, asset management, content playout and master control functions — taking full advantage of existing facility workflows for maximum return on investment.

Invenio Motion
The next-generation Invenio Motion intelligent media movement module turns the historically device-centric process of digital asset management into an enterprise resource management operation, enabling media organizations to fully maximize the value of content production, management and usage across the workflow.   Invenio Motion now integrates multiple functions to track, manage and execute workflow activities, along with the unique capability to quantify the value of how every task correlates across the workflow.  Users can add, configure and manage devices, assign tasks to personnel, and track projects from inception to completion.  It consolidates multiple asset management tasks within its engine, bringing together many transcoding and storage options, for example — including long-term tape library archives.


NetGain Business Intelligence Software
Harris Broadcast has enriched its NetGain business intelligence and analytics media software with new tools to help executives, sales teams and other business-related operations improve advertising strategies and consumer reach.  NetGain now integrates with four Harris Broadcast media software source systems (OSi, Novar, Landmark and Vision) for broadcast, cable and the web; and a third-party traffic system for broadcast radio.  This enhances the core NetGain benefit of looking at data across all functions of a broadcast or media business with expediency, eliminating multi-day processes to generate reports.

NetGain also enhances how users can access past and present data, and get a view into the future.  New “Visual Insight” tools allow users to pull in multiple data sets into NetGain dashboards for simple, side-by-side analysis to get a clear picture of current business performance.   Meanwhile, new “Visual Foresight” tools offer predictive analytics and data mining to enable visibility into future results based on multiple scenarios.  Harris Broadcast also augments NetGain’s improved mobile capability to build a power sales-enablement tool.  This arms sales teams with thorough reports, dashboards and marketing material in the field, easily accessible from a single mobile interface.

Videotek Test and Measurement Solutions
Harris Broadcast will introduce loudness monitoring and enhanced multi-image display capabilities into its MSA Series of software-centric, multi-source analysis products, enabling more test and measurement functionality in the compressed domain.  The MSA Series is for full testing of compressed video conformance, audio levels and data services of over-the-air broadcast, cable, satellite and IPTV signals.  Its multi-source capability means that engineers can analyze many transport streams at once, including IP, RF and ASI encoded video signals.  ATSC broadcasters and cable/satellite operators further benefit from the ability to measure, monitor and log audio levels for multiple program streams — a timely enhancement with the FCC passage of the CALM Act to reduce loudness in TV advertising.

New Videotek test and measurement products include the VSG-4TSG test signal generator, ideal for confirming video and audio integrity through 3 Gbs/HD/SD/composite test; and the DL-870 videolegalizer to evaluate and correct signals for 3 Gbs/HD/SD formats.  The DL-870 allows broadcast, post and production operators confirm how color space, bit rates and other characteristics compare across various formats — and what adjustments must be made to “legalize” a signal for use in multiple formats.


Magellan NMS
The Magellan™ Network Management System (NMS) sets a new standard in monitoring and control for all broadcast operations, such as video headends, production workflows and master control centers. It offers one consolidated user interface for the monitoring and control of multiple channels or facilities, and the flexibility to interface with Harris Broadcast equipment and any third-party device.  The uncomplicated design simplifies systems integration and troubleshooting, enabling swift response that minimizes performance issues that affect revenue and human resources.   A new built-in video headend application provides faster, more efficient deployment of video headends with multiple encoders, transmitters and other infrastructure systems.

Magellan NMS offers a true distributed architecture, eliminating the central server required in most control and monitoring systems.  This robust design provides rock-solid stability, ensuring no single point of failure for mission-critical broadcast environments.  Its open design ensures that users can quickly create and modify applications, with simple web-based access to any device on the network.

Harris Farad Online Storage Systems
Harris Broadcast now offers a common shared storage platform that adds a significant 50% bandwidth improvement to its NEXIO Farad online storage solution — and a second storage protection scheme with a lower cost of entry.  The expanded configurations allow users to work quicker and build the storage environment they need today — with simple expansion to fit future business needs.  The configurations serve customers who need anywhere from 8TB to half a petabyte of online shared storage, essentially solving the storage challenges of any broadcaster through a single, common platform.

Harris NEXIO Farad with RAID-601 storage protection is ideal for large-scale ingest, editing and playout applications for production, sports, news and live events.  The new bandwidth enhancements to NEXIO Farad with RAID-601 multiply performance benefits while retaining the resiliency and high system availability afforded through Harris’ patented Intrinsic Mirroring technology.  The lower-cost NEXIO Farad configuration provides industry-accepted RAID-60 technology that combines robust RAID-6 data protection and RAID-0 file “striping” that linearly increases bandwidth as users add storage arrays.  It offers very high value to customers seeking to add storage capacity, improve ingest-to-air time and reduce their hardware footprint in small-to-medium sized operations.


Inscriber G8 and Title One AE
The new Inscriber G8 and TitleOne AE real-time graphics production systems share a design philosophy that leverages next-generation hardware platforms for advanced graphics processing and increased storage performance.  Both support proven, mature graphics production workflows for off-line and on-air graphics creation, graphics template and database management, and automation control.

The Inscriber G8 is built for high-end graphics creation, providing uncompressed imagery, and unprecedented graphics, animation capabilities and clip playback scalability.  It offers real-time creation and execution of the high-caliber, complex 3D graphics and animations that today’s live news, sports, and special events demand.  The Inscriber TitleOne AE shares the Inscriber G8 system’s graphics creation features and real-time single-channel HD/SD or SD-only 2D-in-3D graphics.

HView SX Pro Multiviewer
The HView SX Pro multiviewer delivers a compact signal processing and monitoring option for control room environments.  Its advanced design is smaller, sharper and smarter than competitive solutions — reducing space, power and complexity while offering superior picture quality and intelligent, flexible control options.  Its high-density design accommodates more sources and outputs in fewer rack units to reduce system and installation costs.  HView SX Pro can be used as a standalone solution or integrated within Harris Broadcast Platinum routers.  It offers low-latency processing and enhances image quality through Harris MicroFine scaling technology.  Versatile, built-in control features maximize display options, from single-surface video wall configurations to multi-unit or multi-room systems.


Selenio Networking Module
The Selenio Networking Module enables broadcasters, production companies and telecom operators to use circuit-switched transport networks to transmit and receive video, audio and corporate IT data between two Selenio frames.   The module connects directly to six common global telecom interfaces, including DS-3, OC-3, OC-12 in North America, with no bridge device required. Users can configure these various interfaces to send content over IP or ATM circuit connections – bridging the gap between legacy and IP networks.

Audio Processing and Loudness Management
The expansive, established 6800+ range of modular core processing solutions this year adds the DAPM6802+D, a configurable, cost-effective dual SDI channel audio processing module for managing DTS Neural Loudness Control and DTS Neural Surround processing.  With DTS Neural Surround UpMix, DownMixing and MultiMerge technology, it delivers unparalleled audio processing capabilities, and loudness processing technology with a natural, open quality sound not found in audio processed by traditional, multiband compression technology.


Signal Processing and Conversion
The expansive, established 6800+ range of modular core processing adds the MDP6801+D, a metadata/data processing module that is designed to insert or extract different types of metadata/data into/from the VANC space of the SDI signal. Several types of metadata/data are supported by the MDP6801+ module, including GPI triggers (converted to data and stored in the VANC space), time code data, closed captioning data and SCTE-104 packets.

Also new is an expansion of critical path processing features in the Selenio media convergence platform and X50 frame synchronizer and converter.  This includes intelligent frame sync and delay, proc amp, noise reduction, clipping and color correction.  The X50 adds a Rules Engine capability, which puts custom video and audio signal management into the user’s hands to eliminate manual uploads of specially modified code.  Any video or audio input scenario can be detected with the user determining processing required for the output.   

Magellan networking control panels, initially introduced for Harris Platinum routers, are also now available with Selenio, X50 and 6800+ systems.