Haivision @ NAB 2012

Haivision will exhibit at booth # SL9911

"Haivision is focused on intelligent media systems that incorporate video, graphics and metadata to help customers to build, manage, and distribute their content to users throughout an enterprise or across the Internet. At NAB, we'll show broadcasters in all market segments how Haivision can help bridge the gap between the enterprise and the Internet. In particular, we're excited to demonstrate the incorporation of KulaByte Internet encoding/transcoding within the Haivision stable of technology to extend our performance solutions 'over the top' to users of all popular devices." — Peter Maag, Haivision's chief marketing officer

KulaByte™ Internet Encoder — a Haivision Debut
At the 2012 NAB Show, Haivision will debut the KulaByte™ Internet encoder. The KulaByte encoder offers superior picture quality, uplink efficiency, and ROI for streaming to Dynamic Flash® and Adaptive HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) networks. KulaByte combines the highest quality-per-bit (QPB) with tight bandwidth control and Adaptive Bitrate Control™ to get the most out of Internet uplinks. This allows broadcasters to have better quality contribution and afford more sources from any venue. Being software-based, broadcasters can achieve the highest ROI as they can scale and take advantage of future encoding efficiencies without hardware dependencies.

KulaByte™ Live Transcoder — Introducing 4.0 for Linux®
The KulaByte™ live transcoder is now available for Linux® operating environments. One of the first transcoders available to take advantage of cloud computing efficiencies, the KulaByte transcoder now supports Linux, the operating system of choice for reliable cloud deployment. The KulaByte transcoder delivers multiple bitrate HLS and RTMP streams for adaptive/dynamic streaming. Version 4.0 also introduces transport stream and MPEG-2 ingest support.


Viper™ KB Portable Internet Encoder and Viper MAX Stand-Alone Recorder
At NAB, Haivision is launching the Viper™ KB, a compact, portable appliance that simplifies Internet streaming. With a very simple touch-screen interface, users can quickly stream full HD at multiple bit rates for Dynamic Flash® and Adaptive HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) networks. Haivision will also showcase Viper MAX, a stand-alone, dual-channel performance-streaming, recording, VoD, and publishing appliance for the conference room, classroom, and medical procedure room.

Furnace™ 6.3 IPTV/IP Video System With Internet and Mobile Support
Bridging the enterprise and the Internet, Haivision's Furnace™ IP video distribution system, renowned for delivering real-time broadcast video securely throughout facilities and across campuses now directly supports any device, anywhere. InStream Mobile, to be initially available on iOS devices, enables authenticated viewers to access live Furnace video channels. Additionally, leveraging Haivision's Internet Media (KulaByte) technology, VF Mobile, part of the Furnace administrative suite, can associate any live Furnace channel to Dynamic Flash® and Adaptive HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) networks and CDN targets.


Makito™ Encoder With RTMP Internet Streaming
The Makito™, Haivision's most popular compact H.264 encoding appliance supporting extreme low latency 1080p60, now supports direct live RTMP streaming to the Internet and CDNs. The Makito, with HiLo-Streaming™, can encode multiple bitrate streams that can be simultaneously directed to LAN targets leveraging transport stream multicast and WAN infrastructures with RTMP.

Kraken ISR™ Performance Transcoder
Designed specifically for performance transcoding challenges within the military, the Kraken ISR™ flawlessly transcodes full-motion video (FMV) for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications. The Kraken ISR delivers very low latency MPEG-2/H.264 to H.264 transcoding while accurately re-associating KLV metadata with all streams.


Torpedo™ DVB-to-IP Gateways With EncryptionTorpedo™ enables enterprises to get digital broadcast transmissions onto their networks without re-encoding the video. Supporting free to air satellite (DVB-S/S2) and terrestrial (DVB-T/T2) signals, and those encrypted in accordance with the DVB-CI standard, the Torpedo gateway delivers broadcasts over IP multicast networks. A single Torpedo can support up to 15 content streams. Torpedo may be used stand-alone or integrated with Haivision's Furnace™ IP video system, supporting end-to-end video encryption and allowing enterprises to adhere to content agreements.