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Groundbreaking OLED reference master monitors launched

New 25- and 17-inch Models Provide True Replacement for CRT in Critical Evaluation

Sony is once again re-defining professional master monitoring technology with its introduction of two new OLED displays. The new reference-grade BVM-E Series – in 25- and 17-inch sizes – incorporate groundbreaking processing and imaging capabilities designed to give digital production professionals a true replacement for CRT in critical evaluation applications.

“These new monitors are the next step-up in professional displays providing end users with the highest picture quality ever seen, well above any other existing display device.” said Daniel Dubreuil Senior Product Specialist at Sony Professional Solutions Europe.

“This is breakthrough technology for applications where visual performance and accuracy are paramount, offering an unbeatable combination of image reproduction, color accuracy, reliability and stability.”

TRIMASTER EL monitors deliver breakthrough picture performance

The new monitors – the 25-inch BVM-E250 and 17-inch BVM-E170 - boast several new features specifically designed for professional mastering monitoring. The first monitors to deliver full HD resolution OLED panels with 10-bit drivers, the BVM-E Series uses a newly developed Sony Professional Display Engine. The OLED processor is designed to bring out the full performance of a master monitor, producing deep blacks with high dynamic range, blur-free motion, wide colour gamut and accurate picture reproduction.


The new TRIMASTER EL lineup is refined with its new EL (electro-luminescence) displays, expanding the capabilities of Sony’s TRIMASTER™ technology. This maximizes the full performance capabilities of professional flat-panel displays to deliver higher levels of color accuracy and colour reproduction, precision imaging and consistent picture quality.

The BVM-E series features the advantages of OLED display with Sony’s “Super Top Emission” technology. The result is high light efficiency, high colour purity, high contrast and high reliability.

Availability of the Reference-Grade OLED Displays

These models feature a higher accuracy “Nonlinear Cubic Conversion” color management system, and an I/P conversion system offering extremely low process delay. Finally, the monitors have a new chassis design, with a refined black aluminum body, and lighter and slimmer chassis, which puts a larger image in a smaller foot print.

The BVM-E series also offers input versatility. Standard inputs include 3G/HD/SD-SDI; HDMI and a DisplayPort input. Four slots are also available with a choice of six BKM input boards. Other features include: HD frame capture, pixel zoom and P&P (Side by Side, Butterfly, Wipe, Blending). Finally, the monitors’ OLED technology is environmentally friendly, with less power consumption, lower weight and no environmental pollutants produced.

The BVM-E250 and BVM-E170 will be available in May and July 2011 respectively.


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