Grass Valley Unveils Next-Generation Multiviewer Capabilities for Trinix NXT  Routing Switcher


Recognizing that customers need to monitor more sources at a single location, Grass Valley™ today introduced the second-generation of its highly popular multiviewer option for the Grass Valley Trinix™ NXT  routing switcher.

The tightly integrated multiviewer incorporates Grass Valley’s latest FPGA-based scalar technology to enable multiple views combined with graphical images to display audio, clocks, mnemonics, and tally alarms on single or multiple displays. This allows users to proactively preserve 24/7 operations, reduce maintenance costs, and troubleshoot problems before they escalate.

The new TMV-2 Multiviewer option is targeted at live production, studio operations, and especially OB van operators—due to its compact size and fully featured monitoring capabilities. With its flexible 32x8 architecture, the Trinix NXT Multiviewer offers the lowest power consumption (80 watts), the highest scaling quality, and the lowest signal latency (20 milliseconds) of any multiviewer on the market today.


“Our newest Trinix NXT Multiviewer option boasts the smallest footprint and a comprehensive set of features, ensuring a well-running installation and reduced operating costs,” said Charlie Dunn, Executive Vice President of Products at Grass Valley. “With a fully integrated multiviewer solution, users benefit from the simplicity of not having to worry about outboard gear and cabling, while saving time, money, and maintenance costs.

The Trinix NXT Multiviewer supports Grass Valley’s XPT native protocol for highly accurate source switching and is fully compatible with TSL and Image Video protocols for tally and mnemonic transfers.

Every Trinix routing switcher sold can be upgraded to 3 Gb/s, as well as can be equipped with the Trinix NXT Multiviewer option. This illustrates the long-term support and forward-thinking design of the Trinix platform architecture.


Pricing and Availability
The new TMV-2 Trinix NXT Multiviewer is currently available, at a list price of $38,995 (€31.995).

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