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Grass Valley Unveils New K2 Dyno Production Assistant for Live Production Content Management

K2 Dyno

Understanding that the content management process used during many live events often includes non-technical reporters, producers and related staff, at NAB 2010 Grass Valley™ unveiled a new K2 Dyno™ Production Assistant software application.

K2 Dyno Production Assistant provides a suite of tools

K2 Dyno Production Assistant allows users familiar with common business applications to be immediately comfortable completing sophisticated production tasks. The end result is that any level of production can be accomplished with greater efficiencies, while benefiting from a more polished look and feel, both during and after an event.

K2 Dyno Production Assistant can coordinate management of content from multiple users all working together in a collaborative manner. Each user workspace can be configured to provide just the tools required to complete assigned tasks. Users have the ability to software browse clips and record inputs on any K2 Summit or K2 Solo server. If desired, users can have control over multiple K2 server channels for recording, reviewing, and playing out of material.

The new Grass Valley K2 Dyno Production Assistant provides a suite of tools to easily keep track of and manage media assets on location. Users can create metadata grids off-line in advance of an event to tag critical information, such as names and relevant event action types. The metadata tags can then be easily distributed to Grass Valley K2 Dyno replay controller. Metadata can be logged and added during an event. All metadata created can be saved along with the content and easily repurposed.

Content stored on a network can be viewed

Content stored on a network can be viewed, aggregated, and then sent to removable storage or network destinations using user-selectable, automated rules. Using the captured metadata, users can search for content, create new sub-clips, and build complete playlists.

“As customers continue to migrate to file-based workflows, the ability to manage material and enhance it for re-use is increasingly important,” said Jeff Rosica, Senior Vice President of Grass Valley. “However, these essential tasks are increasingly being left to non-technical staff that are not properly trained and often slow down a production's workflow. The new K2 Dyno Production Assistant application changes this by making workflows more productive with the resources at hand.”


Integration into all types of nonlinear editing workflows

All Grass Valley K2 clients offer managed, guaranteed bandwidth networking that the K2 Dyno Production Assistant takes advantage of for performing file transfers in the background while production operations continue. This includes moving content between servers and to network storage locations as well as to standard off-the-shelf removable USB storage devices. The use of standard IT technologies facilitates seamless file-based workflows. As the K2 platform provides file wrapping of MXF and .MOV, the content can easily be shared with systems dedicated for editing and archiving, with no special equipment or processes.

The new Grass Valley K2 Dyno Production Assistant can also be easily integrated into all types of nonlinear editing workflows. Edit systems such as the Grass Valley EDIUS®, Final Cut Pro and Media Composer can be networked to K2 server clients, making file transfers fast and easy. With the EDIUS and Final Cut Pro NLEs, they can also be configured to directly edit in place. Metadata can also be sent to Final Cut Pro workstations and interchanged to use when searching for material. The K2 Dyno Production Assistant can be used to establish rules to automatically move content to locations for editors to use, even while a live production is in process.

K2 Dyno Production Assistant Key Features

· Easy to use for non-broadcast operators
· Organizes content from multiple K2 Dyno replay workstations either manually or according to operator defined rules
· Improves efficiency for searching for content and the creation of playlist/highlights packages
· Speeds archiving or the melt process allowing this to happen in the background according to pre-set rules while an event in process
· Has applications for any type of content capture/creation, including content from editors


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