Grass Valley to Present End-to-End Live Production Workflow

See Grass Valley in Hall 5 Stand A5-20

Grass Valley® will showcase its latest innovations in Live Production workflows with an end-to-end offering that defines the future of live broadcasting at this year’s CABSAT (Hall 5, Stand A5-20) in Dubai. Pivotal in the lineup are the versatile LDX Series™ system cameras, Kayenne® Video Production Center switcher, K2 Dyno® S Replay System, and GV STRATUS® nonlinear production and content management tools.

Based on the benefits achieved with GV STRATUS, Graham Sharp, Chief Marketing Officer for Grass Valley, will present “Nonlinear Sports Production for the Multi-Screen World” on Monday, March 12 at 3:40 pm, as part of the CABSAT Broadcast Conference.

The concept of Nonlinear Production (combining production, post-production, and distribution onto a single, unified platform), is new, and of the broadcasting market segments, live sports production—with its terrestrial, cable, satellite, Internet, and mobile distribution channels—is poised to benefit the most from a Nonlinear Production platform.


This session will discuss how this new approach to workflow provides live sports producers the flexibility to create more, richer content and distribute it across multiple platforms. It will be invaluable for those who are finding today’s traditional workflows limiting and who want to deliver content to diverse audiences faster and more efficiently. The session will also explore why the key to successful Nonlinear Production is to abstract the complex technology from the production team by providing easy to use, task-based user interfaces to select and enrich the content in a live environment.

The LDX Series makes buying a camera system simple. Customers select the level of acquisition format they require today, confident that as their production needs change, they can upgrade as required.  The LDX Series of camera systems includes the LDX Flex™, LDX Première™, LDX Elite™, and LDX WorldCam™. Models Flex, Première and Elite offer users the ability to upgrade as needed; ensuring camera investment is safe when imaging requirements change.


A simple upgrade advances every LDX Series camera to the next camera in the range.

Kayenne is Grass Valley’s powerful, highly modular family of production switchers, offering 1.5 M/Es to 4.5 M/Es. Add Grass Valley DoubleTake™ split M/E technology and you can effectively increase the available M/Es to 10. The modular control panel is designed for easy expansion and service. Each source select and aux bus module has two rows of OLED Source Name Displays that provide ultra-clear text and extremely wide viewing angles. Kayenne provides the most video processing power available with up to 30 keyers and 20 DPM channels in a 4.5 M/E system. One thousand E-MEMs with Define E-MEM and 999 Macros provide fast and easily edited control of effects. The Kayenne switcher also features a Device Control Module (DCM) that supports full-motion control for up to 32 devices such as DDRs/VTRs and Q-MEM, a library of device cues independent of E-MEM, which operates in conjunction with the DCM.

The K2 Dyno S Replay System features an intuitive user interface, the K2 media server infrastructure, and increased content/metadata integration. K2 Dyno is the fastest and easiest way to create more engaging replays and highlights. Add easy integration with other systems, and K2 Dyno provides a replay solution that adds value across an entire live production workflow. K2 Dyno S offers efficient file-based drag-and-drop, and the ability to work in parallel with other K2 Dyno S systems. USB 3.0 and Gigabit Ethernet transfers mean teams can produce more quickly, and support for metadata creation and sharing provides effective integration with editing and archive systems.


GV STRATUS combines production tools, device control, and asset management into a single, highly configurable multitasking user interface that can be customized for each user’s tasks. GV STRATUS works with the K2 Summit® family of media server and storage products to provide a unified database for all asset management use cases and an expandable foundation for new applications and workflows. The ultra-modern Service Oriented Architecture at the foundation of GV STRATUS guarantees high-performance and a highly configurable user experience. This software architecture allows the creation of a varied and growing set of functional tools (as service modules), each providing a specific basic function. GV STRATUS allows these basic building blocks to be used in an almost infinite number of combinations.

About Grass Valley
For more than 50 years, the Grass Valley name has been synonymous with innovation, leadership, and performance. Our full range of solutions and services is unmatched in the industry, leveraging the economies of scale of the IT industry with our proprietary core knowledge of media processing and storage. Grass Valley customers include most of the world's leading broadcasters, teleproduction facilities, and service providers, as well as independent video professionals who rely on our products to cover the world's most high-profile live events, as well as to benefit from efficiencies in day-to-day operations. When you’re watching news, sports, or entertainment programming—whether on a TV, the web, or a mobile device—you’re watching Grass Valley at work in today's connected world.