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The Grass Valley Live Production – A Powerful Infrastructure

Ingest - Production - Playout

The Grass Valley™ Trinix™ NXT 3 Gb/s digital video router, the Kayenne™ Video Production Center, and the K2 Media Server are at the hub of the workflow. The Trinix NXT router provides the flexibility for SD, HD, and 3G signals. The K2 family of servers offers a range of storage options—from high performance on-line storage for flawless play-to-air to lower cost production storage for editing workgroups and offline storage for long term or archiving of content.

The Grass Valley Kayenne switcher supports a full range of HD and SD formats and can control external video servers (such as the K2 Summit™ server, character generators, and even remote cameras) using the Device Control Module. Kayenne includes a still store, a clip stores, extensive color correction capabilities, as well as aspect ratio conversion, upconversion, and downconversion. A multiviewer or panel of monitors allows technical directors an all-in-one perspective of live programming and items in the cue.


On Ingest, content originates outside the studio or within the studio. Some content may require editing or enhancement prior to going on-air while other content may play unchanged. This workflow provides support for both options. Content may be received via satellite or Downlink and played direct to air or sent to the K2 video server for encoding and storage. Other content is produced inside the Studio with cameras, replay controllers and media servers. In this case, the Grass Valley LDK 3000 Value-Priced HD Camera, the Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite Multiformat HD Camera, and the Grass Valley LDK 4000 Elite Single Format Camera may be used to capture live action and sent to K2 storage. All three cameras feature low power consumption and Emmy® award-winning and patented HD-DPM+™ technology for unrivaled video sampling. A Grass Valley K2 Dyno™ Replay Controller fits well as an affordable SD/HD replay system for sports and live events.



Field Production represents activities such as news gathering. Here, video and other images are captured by the Grass Valley Infinity™ Digital Media Camcorder (DMC) using REV PRO™ XP/ER removable media and edited with EDIUS® nonlinear, multi-format editing software. REV PRO is an affordable IT-based removable media supporting the demands of field performance and durability in true file-based workflows. EDIUS enables mixing of SD- and HD-resolution clips with seamless results.

As time permits, content stored on K2 storage is edited in the studio as depicted in the Editing portion of the workflow. Grass Valley EDIUS nonlinear editing software is well-suited to run in a network with other EDIUS Edit Stations for collaborative editing of K2 Storage. It or other third party editors such as Apple Final Cut Pro can operate as a powerful craft-editing system for promos or other high end work. Finished content may be stored for played out later, or repurposed, as illustrated in the form of packaged media, webcasts, and mobile media.


A finished program going over the air may be a mix of many or just a few elements described above. Prior to going on-air, it will be pulled off K2 storage, to a K2 video server for decoding back to baseband video and routed through the Trinix NXT router. In other instances, an edited program will be retrieved from a K2 Summit server, pass through the Trinix NXT router, and the Kayenne HD Video Production Center, where it is then directed to the Maestro™ Branding and Master Control System for final output to air.


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