Grass Valley Launches Authorised Service Provider Program

Grass Valley to Improve Services Activities Worldwide

With the goal of improving the overall customer experience, Grass Valley™ has launched a new Authorised Service Provider (ASP) Program that equips Grass Valley’s resellers and channel partners with extensive certification training on a variety of Grass Valley products, services and technologies to improve support in historically underserved regions around the world.

Coinciding with this new launch, Grass Valley is pleased to announce that LineUp, a high-volume equipment reseller in São Paulo, Brazil, is the first partner to take advantage of the new ASP Program. LineUp will be fully ASP-certified in Q2 2012, so customers in the region can be assured that LineUp will provide the exact same level of service and customer support as Grass Valley itself and that LineUp is backed by Grass Valley engineers and expertise.

“This new program from Grass Valley gives us the competitive edge we need, all the way from the initial design phase through after-sale support,” said Nilson Fujisawa, President of LineUp. “Being ASP-certified ensures that our customers get the best support services possible from our highly-trained, locally-based staff, with the power of Grass Valley standing strong behind us.”


The benefits of participating in the ASP Program are numerous: ASPs gain technical knowledge and marketing support from Grass Valley to build a more profitable services business; Grass Valley extends its services reach in markets around the world; and most important, customers receive high-value solutions implementation and technical support from local providers in their native language.

“Customer satisfaction is always Grass Valley’s highest priority, whether working directly with customers or through our partners,” said Bruno Pillet, Senior Vice President of Global Services at Grass Valley. “The new ASP Program is designed to provide channel partners with the expertise they need to implement and support Grass Valley products and technologies while bringing a strong added-value to our customers. It also extends our reach around the world, bringing high-tech service and support to areas that might have been underserved up until now. The bottom line is that the program is good for our partners and good for our customers.”