Grass Valley Announces Alex Holtz as Vice President, Digital Media Solutions

Alex Holtz, Vice President, Digital Media Solutions, Grass Valley

To further strengthen its leadership in the development of multiplatform distribution solutions, Grass Valley® announces, effective immediately, that it has appointed Alex Holtz as Vice President, Digital Media Solutions. With more than 30 years’ experience in control room automation, live and on-demand web and mobile multiplatform production, publishing and distribution systems, and camera robotic system solutions for both the broadcast and professional A/V industry, Holtz assumes the role of leading Grass Valley’s steadfast commitment to multiplatform distribution.

“We are thrilled to have Alex at the helm of our Digital Media Solutions division, where he will define our strategy and coordinate product development across Grass Valley to deliver the most effective solutions for our customers,” said Mike Cronk, Senior Vice President Marketing at Grass Valley. “As a dedicated member of the Grass Valley team, Alex brings considerable experience and industry knowledge to his new position. He has made significant contributions as the General Manager of our Integrated Production Solutions (IPS) product line, where he was responsible for Ignite™, MediaFUSE™, and HDC Camera Systems product lines for live news production systems, Internet streaming & mobile applications and camera robotic systems. In addition, he’s been recognized with several patents for his innovative technology.”

Before joining Grass Valley in 2004, Holtz held various product management and engineering positions with ParkerVision, Parker Electronics, and Westinghouse. During this time he was named lead inventor of “Realtime Video Production System and Method” and “Method, System and Computer Program Product for Producing and Distributing Enhanced Media Downstreams.” He holds a total of nine patents in these areas, with additional filings pending. These are the initial core patents for control room automation and multi-distribution for web and mobile and the same technology that was awarded a 2012 EMMY® from The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.


Holtz holds a Bachelor Degree in Engineering from the University of North Florida, Jacksonville. In his new position he will remain in Grass Valley’s Atlanta, GA office.

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