Grass Valley and Dejero Ease the Delivery of Content from the Field to the Newsroom

Collaboration streamlines the ingest of live content and gets news to air faster

Recognizing the increasing demand for timely on-site reporting and the shift in the way news is gathered today, Grass Valley, a Belden Brand, and Dejero are collaborating to integrate Dejero’s LIVE+ Control monitoring and management tool with the GV STRATUS video production and content management system. With the embedded Dejero tool, users will be able to access, manage and assign content from Dejero’s video-over-IP transmitters within a single window of the GV STRATUS system.

The integrated package gives users a centralized system with a simplified workflow for handling live and recorded content ingest. The result is greater efficiency and time savings for breaking news coverage in a highly competitive and time-sensitive news environment. With the new Dejero integration, users now can record and stream content, record timelines, move and edit files and control channel output recordings, all from within GV STRATUS.

“The broadcast news business is highly competitive, and the pressure to get relevant content to air faster is intense,” observed Mike Cronk, senior vice president of strategic marketing, Grass Valley. “By integrating with Dejero, we are breaking down the barriers that have existed between news field operations and the central newsroom. This collaboration is only possible because of the open platform on which both GV STRATUS and LIVE+ Control are based. Interoperability is the key.”


Designed for simplicity, efficiency and speed, GV STRATUS is a full set of production tools in one application that helps users better manage entertainment, on-air operations and news production media workflows. With task-driven tools that operate in a variety of environments, GV STRATUS can be specifically tailored for each user’s job function, increasing efficiency and enabling more effective collaboration throughout the entire production lifecycle. The new Dejero integration creates a seamless path from the field to the newsroom for broadcast-quality video transmitted from virtually any location.


Dejero simplifies the remote acquisition, cloud management and multiscreen distribution of professional live video over IP. Providing best-in-class adaptive bitrate encoding and IP network bonding, the technology allows users to send content using any combination of cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and portable satellite connections. This multipath capability creates a resilient, high-bandwidth link for the transfer of live video. The LIVE+ platform enables broadcasters, media organizations and mobile production companies to reliably reach global TV, web and mobile audiences instantly and cost-effectively.

“It’s important to remove manual steps and automate news production as much as possible, which is exactly what the combination of GV STRATUS and our LIVE+ Control solution is enabling,” said Brian Cram, CEO, Dejero. “The integrated solution makes the complex process of getting high-quality content to air much easier.”

Grass Valley and Dejero are committed to simplifying the news workflow with integrated solutions that are powerful, scalable and easily integrated. This collaboration represents the first step in improving efficiency and reducing the time it takes to get news on air.