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Grass Valley with 3G Triax and Fiber Systems

3G Triax is available immediately, with 3G Fiber to be available in mid-May

Grass Valley™ has changed the conventional thinking about limiting a production company’s flexibility to either triax or fiber with the introduction of its new 3G Transmission system, which converges today’s triax and fiber connectivity into a single, powerful, and effective digital transmission solution.

3G Transmission from Grass Valley is the company's third-generation camera transmission system, capable of carrying uncompromised 3 Gb/s signals over both triax and fiber. This allows any choice of transmission cable to carry either uncompromised 1080i, 720p or 1080p50/60 video, while being prepared for multiplexed pairs of 720p or 1080i HD signals for stereoscopic 3D applications. As a bonus, 3G Transmission extends the range of triax coverage by 25%, to a conservative minimum of 4,921 feet (1,500m). Getting cameras to the positions where you need them to be.

In addition to the camera’s digital video output, 3G Transmission carries four digital audio channels back to the base station as two AES/EBU pairs and as an embedded signal within the digital video signals itself. Two independent video returns can be sent to the camera for operator monitoring and for example, a stage-floor monitor, at the same time. 3G Transmission also provides crystal clear talkback and a broad data channel for camera control, communication with robotics, real time graphical overlay processing or remote alignment of a stereoscopic rig.


3G transmission has already proven its robustness in the field under various weather conditions, as it’s being used by the leading UK outside broadcaster NEP Visions. From January 2011 onwards, NEP Visions has been covering multiple soccer games each week in the England Football Premier League, comfortably supported by the agile 3G transmission solution.

"Our customers are very demanding, and they should be! Covering multiple Premier League soccer matches every week requires the highest quality equipment - equipment you can rely on,” said Stephen Jenkins, Managing Director of NEP Visions Europe. “That’s why we've chosen Grass Valley LDK 8000 Elite WorldCam cameras, along with their 3G Triax system. We know that this is a secure investment with the historically proven reliability of triax and the future security of uncompromised production in 1080p50."


“Our philosophy has always been that our customers know exactly the technologies that will deliver them the best return on their investment, and we do not try to restrict them in any way,” said Marcel Koutstaal, Senior Vice President of Cameras for Grass Valley. “What we have done - and this is unique - is to give them a solution which meets all of the technical requirements of today and tomorrow, using the cables which they already have on their trucks and that are installed in the venues where they work. Technically, our camera team has conquered big challenges, but it means that we are delivering on our commitment to end-user flexibility, that ultimately helps our outside broadcast customers to win deals in today’s challenging environment."

Pricing and Availability

3G Triax is available immediately, with 3G Fiber to be available in mid-May. Pricing for both the 3G Triax and 3G Fiber will depend on configuration.


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