Globecast Selects SoftCast for Live Content Control

Sing Yee Lee, Product Manager for SoftCast at Ideal Systems

Ideal Systems has today announced that Globecast Asia has selected the SoftCast SC-Censor product from Ideal Systems Singapore to enable a new service offering for content control of live broadcast feeds.

The SoftCast SC-Censor will be deployed at Globecast’s digital media facility in Singapore’s media hub, Mediapolis and will enable broadcasters to retransmit live feeds with a short time delay to permit editing on the fly by a trained operator to ensure the feed is compliant with the standards and regulations of the target operator and country.


“Technically the SoftCast SC-Censor solution supports variable time delay edit windows, depending on the nature of the content feed and what the customer requires, the time delay can be as short as a few seconds or as long as a few hours. The SoftCast trained editor then has a number of editing tools at their disposal such as audio mute or audio beep, or an entire section of video can be cut and replaced. Also specific areas of the viewable area can be blurred to mask unwanted branding or other unwanted content. This blurring can have motion tracking too which for example could be used to blur a cigarette or a hand gesture etc. SC-Censor also allows for additional branding on the feed by adding graphic and logo overlays and can trigger live breaking text crawls. Increased revenue opportunities are supported too by enabling ad-replacement of unwanted overseas advertising or ad-extension where additional advertising is inserted into the feed.” Said Sing Yee Lee, Product Manager for SoftCast at Ideal Systems.


“By adding SoftCast SC-Censor to our broadcast facility we have enabled a new service offering for our market in a growing segment where many existing pre-scheduled channels are increasing their quota of live programming. The flexibility enabled by SoftCast allows us to offer a wide variety of content control services for channel operators with occasional live events.” Said Jason Ho, Senior Director of Sales at Globecast Asia.

About Globecast
Globecast opens up global opportunities in broadcasting by making content distribution and management simple. Part of the Orange group, Globecast delivers tailored content management and delivery solutions to meet the needs of markets all over the world. For channels, Globecast provides media management and playout solutions as well as global content delivery via fibre, satellite, and IP. Through its fleet of SNG vehicles and production partners, the company also provides coverage of news, sports, and special events around the globe. Globecast has capacity on all the world’s major broadcast satellites, a three-continent proprietary fibre network and state-of-the-art facilities in the world’s biggest media hubs. Finally, Globecast has a content aggregation and distribution team that helps secure distribution on leading Pay TV platforms. Present in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia, Globecast offers simplicity, flexibility, and knowledge to the world’s leading broadcasters.


About Ideal Systems
Ideal Systems, Asia’s largest broadcast systems integrator and is a multinational organization providing innovative media and design solutions to sectors, including broadcasting, telecoms, and media. Ideal Systems provides services that range from systems consultancy and design conceptualization to systems deployment and support of broadcast systems, facilities and studios.
Ideal Systems has eleven regional offices in nine countries across Asia. The company employs almost 200 staff members in its offices in Hong Kong (Head Quarters), China, Taiwan, India, Japan, Singapore (S.E.A. Head Quarters), Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia.