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Gekko Technology Reports Accelerating Demand for LED Lighting

Gekko Technology LED lighting systems on display at the PRG booth in the Central Hall at NAB 2011

Gekko Technology, the marketleader in LED lighting for film, television and photographic applications,reports a buoyant and successful NAB 2011. Exhibiting with US distributionpartner PRG in the Central Hall of the 11-14 April show, Gekko demonstratedrecent additions to its expanding range of location and studio luminaires.

"Demand for LED lightingcontinues to grow as content producers become increasingly aware of its manyinherent advantages over traditional light sources," comments GekkoTechnology founder and Managing Director David Amphlett. "NAB 2011 wasnotable for the increasing popularity of D-SLR cameras which combine remarkablygood quality and outstanding value for money in a very compact size. Ourproduct demonstration included the smallest Gekko ringlight, lenslite, mountedon a D-SLR rig. lenslite is a controllable on-axis light which can fulfil anumber of functions. With an integral filter housing, it can be mounteddirectly on the lens or 15 millimetre bars, and powered from any source whichproduces between 12 and 40 volts.

"We have seen a goodcross-section of people from the broadcast and film industries," adds IanMuir, Gekko Technology's Business Development Manager. "NAB is becoming avery global show. We talked with existing and potential clients not only fromthe US but also many other countries including Britain, France, Belgium, theMiddle East and Far East. We experienced a lot of interest in the kezia 50 and200 tunable-white sources. The karesslite 6006 DD has also proved very popularbecause it generates a large volume of ilight. We can light medium size studiosnow quite comfortably though we would struggle to emulate the light output ofthe larger HMI heads employed on film sets. But give it time!"


Gekko Technology's karesslite6006 DD is populated with twice the number of LEDs as the standard 6006 unit.Available as tungsten or daylight, it has a peak output of 4,500 lux at 10feet. All karesslite fixtures can be operated under local control from theluminaire itself, from wired remote dimmer, or DMX. Powering options include asingle V-Lock battery, 12 to 40 volts DC via an industry standard XLR4connection, or mains transformer.

About Gekko Technology

Established in 2004, GekkoTechnology produces versatile, robustand efficient white and colour-tunable LED-based luminaires for broadcast andfilm lighting. Intelligent design, combined with high-quality components,ensures accurate, consistent and precisely-controllable colour-temperature.Film credits include Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Death Defying Acts,Mamma Mia, Golden Compass, Star Trek, Desperate Housewives and Date Night.Studio lighting includes the Jeff Randall Live show on Sky News and Sky's RyderCup coverage.