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Gekko Technology to Demonstrate Latest LED Lighting Advances at BVE 2011

Gekko kezia 200F - Gekko karesslite 6006-DD - Gekko kezia 200-E

Gekko Technology produces versatile, robust and efficient white and colour-tunable LED-based luminaires for film, television, photographic lighting. Intelligent design, combined with high-quality components, ensures accurate, consistent and precisely-controllable colour-temperature. Film Credits include Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, Death Defying Acts, Mamma Mia, Golden Compass, Star Trek, Desperate Housewives and Date Night. Studio lighting includes the Jeff Randall live show on Sky News and Sky's Ryder Cup coverage.

Gekko will demonstrate the latest additions to its product range at BVE 2011, Earls Court, London, 15-17 February (Stand H40). These will include the kezia 200-E colour tunable hard-source, the kezia 200F white-optimised LED hard source, and karesslite 6006-DD high output soft light. Exhibiting on stand H40, Gekko will be represented by Managing Director David Amphlett and Business Development Manager Ian Muir.

Gekko kezia 200-E Colour tunable hard-source

Gekko's kezia 200-E gives lighting designers in entertainment, film and broadcasting dynamic control of colour output without the need for gel. Based on Gekko's award-winning 'kleer-colour' LED multi-chip array, it combines a high quality of output, long component life, creative versatility, low power consumption and minimal heat generation. The kezia 200-E has all the inherent benefits of an LED-based fixture and also produces a broad spectrum of light which renders skin tones especially well. Lighting directors will in turn appreciate being able to generate colour effects that are consistent from lamp to lamp, as a consequence of the closed-feedback loop which constantly monitors and corrects the light temperature of output.

Controllable via DMX or an optional rear panel, the kezia 200-E can be adjusted manually or remotely to produce literally millions of colours. Integral presets allow rapid selection of 2900K, 3200K, 4300K, 5600K and 6500K whites. Colour temperature also remains constant even when the light is dimmed. Drawing less than 200 Watts of power, the kezia 200-E has an output roughly equivalent to a 1 kW tungsten fixture. Dimensions are 266 x 323 x 278 mm (length x height x width) and weight is 6.9 kg.


Gekko kezia 200F white-optimised LED spot lamp

Optimised for use in film production or studio broadcast, the kezia 200F has presets for of 2900, 3200, 4300, 5600 and 6500K via DMX or an optional rear panel. A built-in colour-feedback system ensures colour temperature remains constant when the light is dimmed, as ambient conditions change or as the unit ages.

The kezia 200F draws less than 200 W of power yet is comparable in output intensity with a 1 kW tungsten fixture. Besides being more economical in power consumption, the 200F generates far less heat than traditional lamps. Interchangeable optics provide beam angles of 20, 40 or 60 degrees. Output intensity is 8300 lux at 1 metre, 1900 lux at 2 metres and 900 lux and 3 metres.

Gekko karesslite 6006-DD high-brightness soft light

A soft light designed for studio and location use, the Gekko karesslite 6006-DD has twice the number of emitters and hence twice the brightness of the standard karesslite 6006. Available in daylight (5600K) and tungsten (3200K) versions, it incorporates a 6 x 12 emitter format in a 300 x 300 mm panel with a front-to-back depth of 165 mm and a weight of 4.8 kg including diffuser.

The 6006-DD is as compact and portable as the 6006 yet delivers the same 2600 lux at 1 metre brightness as the 600 x 300 mm karess 6012. It can be used as a key light (with louvre) or fill, with consistent colour through the dimming range.Being LED-based, the karesslite 6006-DD is far more efficient than traditional film or video production lights and emits very little heat. Power consumption is 85 W, allowing more than 90 minutes of continuous operation from a single rear-mountable V-Lock battery. Power can also be derived from a 12 to 40 V DC feed via an XLR 4 connector, or from a mains supply.

Flexible control is a feature of Gekko's karesslite series. On-board dimming as well as integrated DMX are incorporated. An integral diffusion grating makes the output single-source with minimal light loss, and two egg crate options can be utilised to make the source more directional. Accessories available include a Gekko swivel mount, yoke, encapsulated colour-correction gel sets, removable barndoors, remote dimmer and soft transit case.


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