G&D at BVE2016 and CABSAT2016

G&D at events in London and Dubai

Perfect networking with KVM from G&D

In times of increasingly interconnected broadcasters, automated processes and with IP-based workflows, the importance of perfectly coordinated IT infrastructures in the broadcast industry increases as well. KVM systems can make a decisive contribution to these infrastructures. They allow distributed workstations optimal access to various broadcast systems and offer users the highest possible flexibility and usability. In order to present existing and prospective customers with the latest KVM developments, German manufacturers G&D use their partner network and are therefore joined by Omnio Technologies UK at BVE in London and Omnio Technologies ME at CABSAT in Dubai.

Here, visitors can discover the further expanded, compatible KVM portfolio from G&D. This now also includes HDMI components to better adapt any matrix installation to the individual needs of customers. In addition, the scope of the systems has again been increased significantly.

Intuitive operation of systems
Thus, G&D have again expanded their CrossDisplay-Switching – an intuitive way to easily switch systems with the mouse pointer. The function enables users to simultaneously operate multiple sources over multiple displays placed at a workstation. This setup can be operated with only a single keyboard and mouse combination. If the mouse pointer is moved over the screen edge, the KVM system will automatically switch keyboard and mouse focus to the source of the respective neighbouring screen. Thus the user does not have to worry about the background infrastructure – but can instead keep track of his tasks and work intuitively, as with a virtual desktop. G&D have now perfected this functionality: Right from the start, the CrossDisplay-Switching was not limited in the number of integrated screens, and so now also computers with multi-head graphics are supported. Thus, an unlimited mix of scenarios can be switched from all sources and the user always operates in the visible area and never “flies blind”. The configuration is easily adapted to the screen arrangement, and thus does not need to be strictly ordered in row or one above the other. Also in combination with a multiviewer, the flexible CrossDisplay-Switching can significantly simplify the application.


Scenario switching is an ideal addition for workstations that use CrossDisplay-Switching. The feature allows users to activate recurring switching states with one single command. Especially in applications that access a wide range of computers, the feature makes it significantly easier to operate the system. It allows users to simultaneously switch sources for multiple consoles with one single command. Ideal when a very specific computer scenario is required at a workplace for fast task changes or when, for example, an OB van always requires the same arrangement of workplaces at recurring events.

CrossDisplay-Switching does not stop at unusual monitor arrangements and multi-head graphics cards. Thus, users can work intuitively since the switching process simply follows the mouse pointer


Optimal image quality through compressing and transparent systems
To be able to respond to increasing image resolutions – especially in combination with moving images – G&D have continued to improve their video transmission. The multi-level compression method High Dynamic Image Processing Level 3 allows visually almost lossless transmission. Since G&D consider it the manufacturer's responsibility to provide optimal video transmission, they’ve developed their own compression method. Here, the biggest advantage is the compatibility within the system. Via a simple firmware update existing installations can now also benefit from the further improved image quality.

And G&D also have something to offer to anyone who is looking for completely transparent image transmission instead of a visually lossless one. The existing DL-Vision system for uncompressed video transmission is now complemented by the even more powerful DP1.2-VisionXG. Here again, transmission takes place pixel by pixel between computer and workplace – and at resolutions up to 4K with a refresh rate of full 60 Hz. In this process the absolutely lossless, uncompressed transmission of KVM signals is carried out via optical fibres.


With the possibility to decide between compressing and transparent systems, users at G&D can choose a solution that fits their individual applications best. High image quality, operation without any latency and optimal usability are guaranteed for all systems.

The KVM specialists from Omnio Technologies and G&D look forward to networking opportunities with many interested broadcasters at BVE from 23-25/02/2016 at stand G09 and at CABSAT from 08-10/03/2016 at stand ZK2-23. Here, they will gladly advise their visitors regarding their individual needs.