FUJINON Global Support - Rio 2016

FUJINON Global Support - Rio 2016

FUJINON Global Service Network

The Optical Devices Division of FUJIFILM will provide full on-site technical support for Fujinon lenses in Rio de Janeiro*
from July 29th through August 22nd.
Engineers from the Fujifilm’s American, European and Japanese branches will be on hand and within service agent “Camera 2’s Rio” facility.

Camera 2 Video Films
Attn: Paulo Karl (Engineer) Rua Carlos Machado 164, [email protected]
Barra da Tijuca, Brasil.
TEL: 55‐21‐2147‐6779/55‐21‐2143‐8319


FUJIFILM Technical Support will provide service directly on‐site or at “Camera 2” and will have complete access to all FUJINON lens customers.


Contact information for FUJINON lens engineers is as follows:
Telephone: +55 81 98197‐5683
Telephone: +55 41 9217‐2485 (This cell number has one less digit, this is correct)
Email: [email protected]

European Customer Contact:
Mobile: +49 (0)173‐524‐2200
Email: [email protected]

Operating Hours: 8:00 AM (0800 Hours) to 6:00 PM (1800 Hours)
The events in Rio begin on Friday, August 5th and run through Sunday, August 21st.