Fujifilm Presents New Fujinon Branded 4K UHD and HD Lens Line-Up at IBC2014

The ZK-Series focal lengths range from 14.5mm-300mm

At the IBC Exhibition Stand 11-C20 new Fujinon lenses will be added, such as the ZK12x25 (25-300mm) to its 4K FUJINON ZK-Series (Cabrio) lens range in  Europe. Fujifilm was the first lens manufacturer in the world to develop and introduce a 4K full servo lens to the global market. The advantages of new ground breaking optical technology lays in the concept of a 4K PL-Mount light weight cine zoom lens that can be operated just like standard ENG Broadcast TV lens. ZK-Series (Cabrio) lenses close the gap between TV   Broadcast & Cinematographic production techniques.

The ZK-Series (Cabrio) light weight cine zoom lenses feature a unique detachable servo drive unit, making  them suitable for use as a standard PL-Mount lens or as  ENG-Style lens.  The ZK-Series are available with and without servo handgrip, they also feature  16Bit encoders, flange focal distance adjustment, macro function,  LDS (Lens Data System) and are i/metadata compatible,  which permits lens & camera communication which is essential for virtual and CGI  applications.

The ZK–Series focal lengths range from 14.5mm-300mm with starting weights of only 2.7kg including drive unit and servo motors. The ZK12x25 has the longest focal range available in the light weight cine zoom segment. Videographers used to shooting video in a typical ENG-style will be very comfortable with the full servo function as all ZK-Series (Cabrio) lenses can be controlled using standard Fujinon full-servo zoom and focus control kits or cinema industry standard wireless controllers for zoom and focus functions. 


This new ground breaking optical  technology represents a mile stone in many ways as it saves valuable time and cost during the production phase. On the artistic side it permits longer film (shot) sequences; DOP’s no longer have to switch fixed focal cine lenses during shoots which can be disruptive and very time-consuming; and time is money. The ZK-Series (Cabrio) lenses are also at the forefront of 4 K UHD (Ultra High Definition) TV Broadcast productions.

New additions to the company’s line-up of HDTV lenses for 2/3” ENG cameras offers 18x zoom factor with 5.5mm- wide angle enabling it to capture footage in versatile  close up production environments.  The all new HA18x5.5BE (5.5-200mm)HDTV lens  merges the capabilities of a standard and a wide angle lens making it the ideal “two in one” solution as camera operators no longer have to transport two lenses (standard & wide), and will no longer miss a vital scene because they have to change lenses whilst shooting on a live production. The HA18×5.5 BE is a ENG HDTV lens compatible with 2/3” sensor Bayonet mount*2 cameras, covering focal lengths of 5.5mm on the wide angle end to 100mm on the telephoto end.


The second addition to the new line up is the HA21x7.8 BE (7.8-328mm) which is a cost effective HD telephoto lens. The features of these lenses accommodate a broad range of production requirements dramatically improving on-site usability in news coverage and program content production. Their ergonomic design effectively reduce the physical load on camera operators during hand-held shooting.

In addition, they incorporate a 16-bit encoder which enables the lens to communicate zoom/focus position and other vital lens data to various systems in Virtual Studio environments. Fujinon lenses, offered by Fujifilm, are recognized for their advanced descriptive performance, contributing to latest imaging progress through their applications in the production of TV programs, movies and commercials throughout the world.  Tapping into its optical technology, high-precision processing technology and assembly technology that have been nurtured over the years, Fujifilm will continue to develop  innovative optics that meet and surpass diverse production scenarios .


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