With the FSB 6 Between Ice Coasts and a Shipwreck

Fashion video shooting in Iceland: Swiss cinematographer Fabian Weber has chosen the robust Sachtler FSB 6 SL MCF tripod system

Unique, mystical, quiet – this is how Fabian Weber shows Iceland's landscape in his fashion video "Fegurð – Beauty". The photographer and cinematographer from Switzerland filmed the four-minute clip for the fashion label "Ida Gut" in Iceland. The timeless fashion design of the Zürich designer was perfectly reflected at abandoned locations on the volcanic island.

Machine wreckage and an ice coast give the whole thing a touch of melancholy. What can't be seen: As filming was dominated by extreme climactic conditions, Weber had to depend on the best equipment. He put his trust in the robust FSB 6 SL MCF tripod system from Sachtler, a Vitec Group brand. And he wasn't disappointed.

Timeless beauty vs. extreme climate
"Iceland is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries I have ever visited. The unique light and the unbelievable grace of nature gets the pulse of any cinematographer racing. However, Iceland's typical erratic weather with temperatures ranging from -15 to +18 °C (5 to 64 °F), wind speeds of up to 140 km/h (87 mph), sand, ice, snow, and rain demanded a lot from me and my equipment," says Weber. Every piece of clothing presented in the video had its own fitting setting: A shipwreck, a crashed plane, and the ice bay of Jökulsárlón. The weather as well as light and ground conditions were subject to constant change, which Weber and his team had to adjust to. "But whatever the temperature – panning was always smooth," says Weber.


A tripod system for every situation 
When taking spontaneous shots, the patented Sachtler Speed Lock clamping system was indispensable. Set-up and disassembly were accomplished within a few seconds. This way the models didn't have to stand in the cold longer than necessary. Even on rocky, uneven ground, the Speed Lock 75 CF with mid-level spreader guaranteed a high degree of stability and torsional strength. "And for time-lapse photography, the Sachtler tripod was the perfect solid base for the OmniSlider," says Weber. The carbon-fiber tripod system is extremely robust and durable as well as very lightweight with a total weight of only 5.1 kg (11.2 lbs). In addition, the FSB 6 SL MCF comes in the practical DV 75 S Padded Bag and is thus easy to transport.

Fabian Weber depends on his Sachtler FSB 6 SL MCF during all of his music video, short film and corporate image film shoots. "In terms of handling, it is compact, lightweight, stable, and smooth. Excellent quality for every filming situation."