Free up your OB van space with mDECK Densu A-2 by MOG Technologies

Free up your OB van space with mDECK Densu A-2 by MOG Technologies

When working with live production, OB Vans' performance needs to be on the top of their game to ensure the highest quality to their productions and material.

Reducing rack space inside of an OB Van, freeing up space for editors and saving costs and operational time, are some of the primary goals for broadcasters.


Meet mDECK Densu A-2

A compact two nodes appliance:

• Quad 3G-SDI FHD Capture

• Loop Recorder

• File & Card Ingest

• Transcode & Frame Rate Conversion

• Quad 3G-SDI FHD Playback

• Internal Asset Management

• 10TB Internal Cache Storage

• Redundant PSU

• Multiple feeds

mDECK Densu A-2


It supports file-based and baseband contents simultaneously and can perform hybrid operations, making it a great choice for multiple media operations - with only 25cm/9.8in deep!

What you will gain?


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Now you can equip your OBVan with the most innovative and smallest equipment while maintaining flexibility and high-performance in your workflows.


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