Free firmware Upgrade for GY-HM600 and GY-HM650 Camcorders

Higher quality, enhanced features and advanced streaming functions

A free firmware upgrade (v.3.0) for JVC’s GY-HM600 and GY-HM650 handheld camcorders is available to download from today, significantly improving the performance of both camcorders.

The firmware upgrade delivers:
1.    1080p 50Mbps recording in Extreme-High Quality (XHQ) mode, i.e., virtually lossless H.264 recordings with high bit rates of 50Mbps.
2.    Enhanced Auto Focus System with selection of focus area.
3.    Advanced Streaming Functions including ZIXI data transfer technology and additional bit rates in various resolutions (GY-HM650 only).

Thanks to the 1080p 50Mbps recording mode, both the GY-HM600 and GY-HM650 camcorders now benefit from enhanced picture quality. Highly-efficient H.264 video encoding provides consistently better recording results compared with MPEG formats and you can continue to use your SDHC/SDXC cards (class 6 or 10) too, rather than more expensive media.


The enhanced Auto Focus System really increases usability. Choose between three focus-response time settings, ranging from slow to fast, to suit particular filming situations. From news and sport to documentaries and more artistic shooting, JVC’s new Auto Focus System will make setup more convenient.



In addition, JVC has added an ‘Area’ option to its Focus Assist Function, normally only available in manual focus mode. With this, users can quickly determine the picture area used by the Auto Focus System. Focusing can be centred on the middle area of the picture or oriented towards the ‘golden ratio’, optionally the right or left side. Applying this feature is simple, without complicated menu scanning or button pressing – just turn the lens focus ring slightly to the right or the left. This function is particularly helpful for portraits, wedding pictures and for situations in which a certain image composition is desired without having much time for extensive test shooting.



There are a number of IP-based enhancements in this firmware update for the GY-HM650 camcorder only. Additional bit rates, ranging from 200kbps to 8Mbps, have been added at various resolutions, allowing the camcorder to transfer data streams live using a satellite phone. So even in extreme locations, if there are any communication channels available, the GY-HM650 can use them to send video data.

There are two additional streaming protocols added to the GY-HM650, namely RTSP and ZIXI – the ZIXI protocol enables the use of ZIXI’s cloud service, allowing data transfer at different bit rates and resolutions depending on user protocol. ZIXI’s new Advanced Streaming Technology (AST) is included in the new firmware update, including content-aware error correction and efficient bandwidth shaping. JVC's 'Stream Confidence' function provides real-time feedback on the signal quality and streaming status. With bit rates as low as 256kbps and up to 3Mbps, ZIXI’s algorithms maximise data throughput to ensure reliable transmission even under difficult conditions. The advanced content-aware error correction compensates for up to 30 percent packet loss during data transmission (only via the ZIXI protocol). Other updates for the GY-HM650 from this new firmware include an SDI trigger for optional external recording systems, while smartphones, tablets, etc., are now able to control FTP file transfer via remote web access.


About the GY-HM600 and GY-HM650 ProHD camcorders
The GY-HM600 and GY-HM650 compact handheld camcorders are designed for electronic news gathering (ENG) in the field. Among their features is a built-in Fujinon wide angle 23x zoom lens, including manual focus, servo zoom, iris rings, three ND filters and removable lens hood. Both camcorders record HD and SD footage in multiple file formats and are able to produce full HD videos on one memory card while simultaneously creating smaller, web-friendly files (1/4 HD) on a second card. In addition, the GY-HM650 features dual codecs and live video streaming, enabling you to record video and stream live simultaneously. Audio features include a built-in stereo microphone, two XLR inputs with phantom power, a shotgun microphone holder, a headphone jack and a separate input for a wireless microphone receiver.