Four Companies – One Common Equipment Pool

Thomas Müller, ProAudio Technology GmbH - Jule Sebastian, Max Kaiser, Jochen Günther, Jonathan Schumacher (dts)

After long and thorough tests of and comparisons between almost all renowned German manufacturers, the decision has been made. In the future the loudspeaker systems from ProAudio Technology will fill the most diverse events of different sizes with sound and, due to the common switching of four companies, will form a large equipment pool.

One of these companies is dts Veranstaltungstechnik from Oberndorf on the Neckar, which has been active in the event technology sector for almost 20 years.

“When judging sound reinforcement systems we always take a look at the overall performance. By this I mean in the first place the sound of the systems in varying set-ups, of course, but also the scaling options and flexibility. Thus we can bring sound to any job that needs to be done in our day-to-day business, using only one type of subs, one horn-loaded top and one 12“ cabinet. It’s also a good thing to have a large range of useful accessories which further enhance flexibility and make handling very easy. You understand that you’re dealing with real practitioners“, says Jochen Günther, master event engineer and technical head of the sound engineering department at dts Veranstaltungstechnik.


By switching to ProAudio Technology, the sound engineering department was greatly simplified. Joined by the two DELTA8.4-DSP and 14.4-DSP system amplifiers, the two SW18 and SW28 subwoofers now form the basis of all systems. As tops we’re using the horn-loaded HT16 with 60 and 90 x 40 degrees plus MT12 loudspeakers.

“The easy renting and hiring over short distances is an enormous benefit. All companies are working with identical material. Owing to the large equipment pool we can now handle a lot of jobs on the same day and hire or rent systems with or without technicians. The techs always know at any location what to expect. Therefore they are able to achieve outstanding results with little effort. The professional support and the 5-year warranty round out the package“, adds Max Kaiser, event technology specialist for dts Veranstaltungstechnik.


“As the master of figures you often have a slightly different view than the techs who work day in, day out with the material. After talking with our techs, we carried out several tests, comparing and balancing the pros and cons of the individual systems. Since in a direct comparison with many other manufacturers the economic aspects also clearly speak in favour of the systems from Villingen, the decision was finally a quick one. It’s nice that good quality made in Germany is still affordable these days“, explains Jonathan Schumacher, managing director of dts Veranstaltungstechnik.

“We are especially pleased that several pro event technology companies at once allowed themselves to be convinced of our loudspeaker systems and the holistic system approach. It’s nice to see how the companies grow with the systems and thus can open up new fields of business“, adds Thomas Müller, managing director of ProAudio Technology GmbH.