Fischer Connectors Launches Revolutionary FiberOptic Hybrid Connector

New Robust Power Optical Solution for Fischer FiberOptic Series

Fischer Connectors, a worldwide leader in push-pull circular connectors, extends its Fischer FiberOptic Series with a new and revolutionary hybrid connector.

After the successful launch of the Fischer FiberOptic Series with two (FO2) and four (FO4) fibers at the end of 2012, Fischer Connectors now offers a solution with two fiber channels and two electrical contacts (FOH 2-2) in one small high performance connector.

The unique aspect of the brand new Fischer FiberOptic Series hybrid connector is that both fiber and electrical contacts are now offered in a single rugged connecting solution, allowing both power and data to be transmitted flawlessly through one connector. This saves space, money, design and installation time, and offers premium optical performance in all environments, indoor or outdoor.

Similar to the Fischer FiberOptic Series FO2 and FO4, the hybrid FOH 2-2 benefits from a mono-block mate adapter for easy access to ferrules giving the possibility for easy field cleaning and maintenance.


Other key features of the FOH 2-2 are:
·    IP68 mated & IP67 unmated Ingress Protection (Norm IEC 60529)
·    Extreme Environment FiberOptic Solution (Norm IEC 61753-1 Cat. E)
·    Fiber contacts: SM & MM optical fibers, UPC & APC Polishing
·    Electrical contacts: current rating 10 [A] (Norm IEC 60512-5-2-5b) and rated voltage 400 [V] r.m.s. (Norm EIA-364-20-B and IEC 60512-3-5b)
·    Push-pull easy mating plugs & receptacles
·    Optional gas tight panel receptacles (IP68 or <10-6 mbar l/s)

‘The hybrid version is an additional product of our Fischer FiberOptic Series’, says Dominique Glauser, CEO of the Fischer Connectors Group. ‘With this new product, we extend our response to a high demanding market for high quality fiber optic applications and solutions.’