fileCAST Online Media Library

Thomas Strobl and Alexander Wächter demonstrating fileCAST at NAB 2013

fileCAST Online Media Library shares pro­fessional workflows easy over the internet. Livelogging during recording is a big part of the workflow and gives you a lot of new options to create your content.

On site you bring all data you have in the same timecode in one project together. It is easy to ingest as many HD Signals, GPS Data, timeceeping, EVS Clips, ENG Clips, etc, ... as you want in the fileCAST Online Media Library.

The online streaming with all metadata al­lows you in the meantime with your stan­dard Internetbrowser to search, cut and edit the material in different quality standards.


The innovative software with simple tools gives your company a chance to distribute the content very fast into your channels.