FFV @ NAB 2012

FFV is exhibiting at booth #C6313

"With the sideKick HD™, camera-to-editing workflows have never been more streamlined. Users can capture video directly from any HD/SDI or HDMI output and choose the final post-production codec without any additional transcoding," said Paul DeKeyser, founder of FFV. "At this year's NAB Show, we're looking forward to showing attendees how the sideKick HD, along with our full DVR product family, can offer the pristine quality and flexibility producers expect, while satisfying the demands of post-production editors."

Superior picture quality is the hallmark of Fast Forward Video's award-winning line of digital video recording (DVR) systems, and this year's NAB attendees will understand why. Attendees will have their first look at the new sideKick HD™ — a multiformat, straight-to-edit camera-mountable DVR that raises the bar for image quality when paired with today's state-of-the-art camcorders. At the 2012 NAB Show, the sideKick HD will be the headliner for FFV's full line of durable, user-friendly DVR solutions, each designed with customer requirements in mind and focused on delivering the highest-quality output possible.

NEW — sideKick HD™
Making its international debut at the 2012 NAB Show, FFV's new sideKick HD™ offers unmatched image quality in a camera-mountable recording solution. Designed to ease production workflows and satisfy the demands of both producers and postproduction editors, the sideKick HD enables customers to get the most out of their camcorders without having to compromise on quality. While the on-board recorders of most camcorders typically deliver a data stream of only 30 megabits per second, the sideKick HD is able to record at 220 megabits per second — providing significantly higher image quality for the "camera original." As a true straight-to-edit DVR, the sideKick HD records to off-the-shelf, removable 2.5-inch SSD drives in native ProRes (for Apple® Final Cut Pro®) or DNxHD (Avid®) NLE formats. Bringing files into the NLE environment is a simple matter of moving the disk from the SideKick to the computer; no time-consuming ingest or transcoding operations are required.


NEW — sideKick HD™ Studio
FFV's sideKick HD™ Studio is a new, rackmountable version of FFV's powerful sideKick camera-mounted DVR for use in base stations and studio locations. Occupying only a half RU in width and 2RU in height, sideKick HD Studio is directly compatible with the camera-mounted sideKick HD, giving users the ability to transfer field footage stored on the unit's 2.5-inch SSD directly into the sideKick HD Studio for easy integration with NLE systems and other content sources for fast and seamless editing and playback to air. With industry-standard RS422 control, operators can connect the sideKick HD Studio with a standard machine controller to enable extended functionality such as cueing, slow-motion play speed control, and reverse play. The unit includes standard analog and AES I/O as well as a gigabit Ethernet port for easy uploading and downloading of content.

2012 NAB Show Floor Show Special!
Purchase the sideKick HD for $2,195 at our booth (C6313) and we will include a 128GB drive at no additional cost. This offer is only valid during NAB show hours.